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Collection update!

Two packages arrived for me today!

Thank you torinkatink andlineaalba - everything arrived in perfect condition.

Pics of what I got under the cut! :D

I love the thank-you noterinkatink  puts in the package. ^^

My old Lugia tomy and new Lugia kid meet face-to-face for the first time!

Kid Lugia: "The top of the computer is my turf now!" >:o
Tomy Lugia: "Back off, newbie..." ;[

Kid: "RAWR!!!"

"O HAI."

Trapinch: *w*
Kid: "Hey you over there! GTFO! RAWR!" >>:O
Tomy: -_-"


Trapinch is my first pokemon kid! ^--^ I feel so special actually holding one instead of just looking at pictures. xD
I opened Trapinch before Lugia, so technically Lugia is my 2nd Kid, although Lugia came with the box and card so its more official-like, lol. Whateverrr.

I also got this tiny flygon pokedex figure.

Plussss.......... My first zukan figure! Raikou! The quality of Zukans really is amazing.

Trapinch, Flygon, and Raikou are from lineaalba . :3

Kid figures are so addicting. @_@
I can't wait to buy more!! ...Although I really should wait, considering my financial situation. :'DD

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