princess_snivy (princess_snivy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Question About Nintendo World Stock VS Washington Kiosks

Hello, community! :)

I have a short question(s): I've realized that the Washington mall kiosks seem to receive new plushies much, much before Nintendo World. (For example, some currently have Sylveon PC plush while I believe NW still doesn't.) How do the two "stores" translate when it comes to stock? How often do both the kiosks and New York store change their stock? Do the employees for Nintendo World ever know what new items they will have coming up?

I started thinking up these questions because my father is going to drop by Nintendo World this week since he's on a business trip in the area. I thought there might be a member or two that might have a better idea on how the stock works, or if they noticed a pattern.

In a perfect world, Nintendo World would already have PC Espurr plush, that way I could get an American version as a travel buddy. ^^' But I doubt they'd have them, hehe.

And for anyone living in New York, are the starter Pokedolls still available? (They're probably really popular!) Or has anything new popped up lately? I just learned about those adorable starter hats, so I thought I'd might as well ask. I'm familiar with what the stock has been in the past, but things could've changed in the past few weeks...

I'm sorry to leave another question post, but don't fret, my next appearance will be when all my beloved Espurrs and Meowstics arrive in the mail!! The anticipation is killer. x3

(Insert Espurr to make this more visually appealing)

Thanks everyone!
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