pegasus2010 (pegasus2010) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Reminder for my $1 flats offers and some last wants before the move-out

Hello, guys. My college commencent will be held in 12 days, and I will be back to my hometown for the summer. I'll be back so don't worry if I do not ship your items... what? Just kidding. This is my first and last reminder for my $1 flats offers featuring different kinds of pikachu stamps distributed by Shogakukan as well as some chara deco/ pan stickers featuring starter pokemon and their evo lines. Make an offer before I pack and bring them back to shanghai.

Click the image to see the original post for offers.

Also, I am looking for these two specific espeon cards in excellent condition. There can be some edge wears, and scratches on the card as long as they do not impact the overall apperance of the card. I would offer $10 and $90 for them respectively. Apparently I cannot afford the japanese counterpart of the gold star espeon so I would go and own a copy of its english version. If you have one for sale or knows somewhere I can get it around that price, please let me know.

Tags: cards, espeon, tcg, wants
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