jennvin (jennvin) wrote in pkmncollectors,

long needed gets and wants!

well i've been spending a bunch but haven't been showing any :'C half of things i bought from the comm were for a gift for a friend so i won't show them but look at these two cute plushes added to the family!

froakie was actually bought at walmart (my mom was so surprised that he costed $10) but ahhh he's just so adorable! and raikou was bought from user mitchichen and tho he has a derpy tail i just love him to bits! A Raikou Pokedoll was actually one of the things i always hoped to get and I'm so super ecstatic to finally have him *_*

i also got this riolu keychain from sorjei and i have him hanging on my lanyard of one key LOL

and i'll make a quick wants *_* since lately, i've been wanting so much mega garchomp merch i feel like maybe starting a collection of them! (pics from google if they're yours and you want me to credit or take down dont be afraid to say so!)

the mega garchomp badge from the blind packages! i also want mega t-tar but mega garchomp right now is my main priority

tomy mega garchomp who looks just purely amazing! i saw a group buy for these but sadly i was too slow to claim him :'(

and this lovable guy of course! i might get him whenever i get a job so as for now ;;

i'm free to all other mega garchomp merch as well! *_* thanks for taking time to read and i hope you have a nice day!
Tags: gets, wants
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