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Plush rehab, and help ID this Gengar!

Part the first:

I don't want to reveal too much, but I managed to score a plush I've secretly wanted for since I discovered its existance a while. It still has its tag, but it is definitely a bit loved, and a part of its ear is coming undone with age (I assume it was glued) and now I think you can guess what it is. Does anyone have any suggestions on a) fabric glue, and b)restoring the look and pile of the plush fabric (it's quite fuzzy).

If you haven't guessed what it is, wait until my next box from Noppin gets here for the reveal. :P

Mystery solved!
Part the second: I could use some help identifying this Gengar plush. He came with no tags, and is about 6" tall. The body fabric is the non-minky, non-velboa plush fabric, and quite dense. The spines on his back and his toes/claws are felt-like. Eyes are plastic, and the mouth is also felt-like with the teeth painted on. The odd thing is that he has ribbon loops on both his feet and on his tail, one on each side. They're quite small and sewn into the seams. Here he is in his natural habitat:

I'd add pictures of his underside and back so you can see the ribbon loops and spines, but neither my phone nor my camera have battery power right now...

Edit: finniee, could you check your PMs, just to make sure that it didn't end up in your suspicious messages folder?
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