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Many comm gets 8D

Hi everyone!

I was going to post my gets last week... but I thought I'd be better to wait to receive some more that were on the way, which arrived today!

My wallet cries at the moment, but the joy I get out of its tears is so worth it... gaze upon my gets!

The kids come from chromapika and the Froakie Zukan from kitzune!
As you can see, my collection of Dark and Ghost kids is steadily growing... I'll need to figure out a better way of displaying them than around my keyboard, it's getting crowded XD

This shiny sticker came with Emolga, I don't know if it's especial or what... but it's so shiny *w*

The Froakie line Zukan is surprisingly small! Here they are in comparison to my Slows (Greninja don't touch the bro!)
I'm also surprised Froakie didn't have any sort of plastic peg pasted to it to secure the figure to the base (which has no holes either), because of that Froakie learnt how to levitate on a tiny tape roll.

And here we have Lucifer (M!Absol) meeting Saster (Absol)... Saster is not impressed by Lucifer's wings of fluff, but they seem to get along.
It doesn't show on the picture, but M!Absol's white is much whiter than Absol's (which looks like dirty white (no, the Kid is not dirty XD)).

So yeah, these are my gets uwu now it's time to save money to get one of those lovely "I love Rocket" Pumpkaboo *w* I saw (and held!) this weekend at a shop I lurk often and it's do die for ;w;
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