Xzeeko (xzeeko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A Few Wants!

Hello everyone! Sorry for posting again so soon, but I am still desparately looking for a few items to complete my goo collection! I can pay or trade for the items listed below!

Goomy Pokecen Plush! I really hope to buy this for $25 or under shipped! I believe it's at the Pokemon Center, so maybe someone would be willing to do pickups?

Goomy and Sliggoo Clearfiles! I'm not quite sure how much these are worth, but I prefer to trade for this!

(PERHAPS) Goomy Line Pokecen Charms! I actually already own these, but I'd like another set to use on a charm bracelet! I will only get these if they are really cheap or I can trade!

Goomy Line Customs! I'll only do custom trades for these!

Any of these items I would do a trade for! I can make plushies, sculpt, draw, crochet, and even do web/graphic design for trades! Examples of all of this on my deviantART!

(I will also do trades for almost any pokecen charm. I will make plushies for multiple.) Just ask, I don't bite!

Thanks for reading, and sorry for such an annoying post, but I really appreciate any help in getting my dragonsnails!
Tags: goomy, wants
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