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Flat sales from Japan!

Hey all,

I got back last week from my Asia vacation; I'll spare the details, but the exciting thing is that I brought back a very special treasure box of flats. :D
You can read more about it under the cut, but it's definitely something that calls for a sales post!

A friend of mine who lives in Japan has a connection to an indie vintage dealer who has been collecting for years; he collects merch dating back to the 50's, and even had some rare pokemon merchandise from the 90s which he was also willing to sell to me. After a long talk about our collecting addictions, he pulled out this amazing box of old flats and I was actually able to purchase them from him personally. I definitely had not expected him to offer them to me, and in all of my years of collecting and searching for flats, this is defintely one of the rarer and more diverse lots I've stumbled across!
(And more exciting than finding some random Y!J lot by default just because it happened randomly during a vacation)

Quite a few of these are really rare, and some of these flats are first timers even for me (notorious flat enthusiast!) - hopefully there are some treasures that you avid flat lovers can add to your collections! I definitely picked out a few for myself, but I'll save that for an update in the near future. ;D

Just a rundown of some quick rules and info before we get started!
By commenting on this post, I will assume that they have been read and understood. :)

I am shipping from Canada! Flats start at $2.50 to the US and $3.50 anywhere else. Shipping within Canada starts at $2.

Most of these flats are in great shape, but some of them have minor wear - if you are picky, please double check with me.

Don't be shy asking for something that has already been sold! I do have doubles, but not for all of them, so feel free to ask anyway.

Holds are no problem if you are bidding on an auction, or are committed to specific items and will pay when you say you will.

Please don't back out of a sale - be aware of the difference between a commitment and a quote; commitments always take priority over quotes.
If you are only committed to specific items, make sure to specify a conditional commitment (ex: "I only want everything if X and Y are available").

These amadas below are up for offers! Some are available for straight sale.
I will close offers on Thursday May 1st @ 10pm PST or when I receive an offer I am satisfied with!

Please make your own thread for these. ^_^

Snowy glitter Weavile (attack): Starts at $10
Absol mirror holo: Highest offer is $10 by vulpeslagopus
Sparkle Mew (front): Highest offer is $5 by derranged
Sparkle Mew (side): Highest offer is $5 by derranged
Mew textured holo, Attack Mew with spoon: Start at $8 each
Holo Raichu: Start at $7.50
Raichu (middle): Highest offer is $5 by mcmc11
Raichu textured holo: Highest offer is $5 by mcmc11

Eeveelution sticker: Starts at $6
Eevees: Start at $5 each
Vaporeon (clear): Highest offer so far is $20 by quailien
The second and last Vaporeons are $4.50 each. Third Vaporeon is sold (hold for 12mermaid).
Jolteon (left), Jolteon (right): Straight sale for $3.50 each
Leafeon: Highest offer is $5 by ibburger!

Lapras mirror holo: Highest offer so far is $8 by quailien
Lapras gold holo: Highest offer so far is $8 by quailien
Arcanine: Starts at $6!
Ninetales is straight sale for $4.50
Lucario (holo), Smoochum, Golbat: $5 each
Jynx, Mr. Mime (left), Mr. Mime (right): $5 each

Gloom, Nidorino, Raipdash: $6.50 each
Ponyta, Nidoran, Mareep, Girafarig: $5 each
Gastly, Shuckle: $4 each
Wobbuffet: $2.50

Articuno, Celebi, Rayquaza holos: $4 each
Pikachu & Ditto, Mareep Lenticular: $5 each

Super rare first gen lenticulars!

Mewtwo, Mew: $10 each
Nidorans, Gastly/Haunter, Articuno: $7 each
Jynx, Weepinbell, Nidoqueen/Nidoking: $8 each
Gyarados, Ekans (in motion, spitting acid): $6 each

Sticker sheets!

Dialgas - $5 each

Gym Leaders (left): $8
Right sheet is sold.

Gym Leaders & Team Ginga: $8 each

Assorted stamps/stickers/small cards!
Latias: $5
Latias & Latios (holo) mini card: $6
Lucario Meiji:$4.50

Gliscor Meiji: $3.50

Assorted Cards!
They are all standard card size, sorry for the tiny photo!

Kecleon lenticular (changes color!): $6.50
Smoochum, Grass pokemon & Pikachu, Mareep cards: $4.50 each
Latias/Latios lenticular, Mew & Lucario lenticular movie cards: $5.50 each

Houndour/Politoed VS Card: $5
Weavile, Abomasnow VS card: $4
Ekans/Moltres, Feraligatr card: $3.50

Marumiya cards!

Sneasel, Zubat: $8 each
Gengar, Mime Jr: $6 each

These cards are really neat - they are originally hidden by stickers (top row is a front/back view of my Slowpoke Marumiya):

Bottom row: When you peel the Pokeball sticker off, you get a sneak peek of the pokemon (bottom left), and then you can peel the rest off to reveal the full card (bottom right)! :D

Mini Squares!

Holo Mew, Holo Mewtwo, Flareon: $5 each
Vileplume, Dragonite, Aerodactyl, Growlithe, Gloom: $4.50 each
Charizard, Kabutops, Rapidash, Farfetch'd, Ekans, Dragonair, Oddish: $4 each

Holo Dewgong, Holo Grimer: $3.50 each
Kangaskhan, Magnemite, Persian, Kadabra, Alakazam, Paras, Parasect, Victreebel: $3 each
Dewgong, Tentacruel, Onix, Meowth, Primeape, Horsea, Seadra: $2.50 each
Charmeleon, Geodude, Graveler, Golem, Pikachu, Fearow: $2 each

Nice Cards!

Celebi, HootHoot, Kecleon, Ledyba, Gloom: $5 each


Vulpix, Jolteon, Leafeon: $5 each
Snover, Lucario: $3.50 each

Shiny Meiji Hoppip line sticker: $5
Pikachu Movie 2000 Sticker Sheet: $6

BIG Holo Eeveelution sticker card: $6

Sorry again for the small photo! The Jirachi postcard is a pretty standard postcard size, both of these flats are fairly large relative to the rest.
Jirachi Postcard: $12 OBO
Haunter card (Gastly on back!): $6

Second gen sticker sheet (right)! $8
Left sheet is sold.

Mini cards!
They're thick and glossy, sturdy pretty cards featuring a couple first gen pokemon in vibrant colors. :D

Vulpix on chair, Vulpix (jumping): $6.50 each
Zubat (upside down), Zubat (supersonic): $5 each

On another note, I hope people have been receiving their psychic-type plush and other goods from my previous sales post! They were all shipped the day after as scheduled - it was such a delight to be in town, and excitedly playing the UFO catchers for my first time during the psychic-type promo, then beinging able to share the prizes with everyone. Also getting some of my favourite psychics in their mini plush form was a huge plus. :D

Is anyone else excited for the upcoming Normal-type promo in May? I was dying for a new Miltank plush, but I am happy happy to see a brief feature of her in the form of a glass - I hope these will be easier to find than the Chimecho/Pikachu wind chimes, which were nowhere to be seen when I was in town!
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