Kep (surgyn) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gets post

Basically because i need to take my mind off things right now I'm just going to post what i've got most recently (aka about 3 months ago) mostly not from the comm but one or two are (sorry I've forgotten names)

Also I have a few community/sales questions under the cut

Here's my gets! They're a few months old now, i've just not really been participating much.

As for questions, i hope this isn't against the rules/rude to ask, but how long does sales permission take to get? I hate to sound desperate but I need to sell my stuff, aka most of my collection and I know it wont be going to the right market on ebay uvu; it just seems to of been a while! I know i can't advertise sales from other sites too.

Tags: grovyle, sandile

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