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Small get + a collection of wants

Hey guys :) So, I just thought I'd update with a picture of my first proper Pokemon merchandise - a Tomy talking Oshawott, and a Minccino from Jakks Pacific.

2014-04-28 20.48.30
Aren't they cute? I still haven't put batteries in Oshawott, I need to find a screwdriver small enough first.

And then, under the cut I've put a small list of wants.

In general, I'm interested in merchandise of Raikou, Entei, Jolteon, Houndoom, Pumpkaboo, Typhlosion and Vaporeon. Especially things like charms, figures, plush or full art cards. Oh, and custom work is always something I love :D

Specific wants

  • Pokewalker for Heart Gold/Soul silver

  • Raikou Pokedoll

  • Pumpkaboo DX plush (low priority for now)

Other than that, if anyone has merch of the above pokemon, please, show me! I should say that I do live in the UK so please be aware of that :)

Tags: pumpkaboo, raikou, typhlosion, vaporeon, wants
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