superfluousmeg (superfluousmeg) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introduction and question about middlemen

Hi everyone! I'm brand new here, but my sister happycharmander has been a member for a while. I'm looking forward to finding some new pokemon items here and hopefully making some friends! :)

Anyways, I had a question about the rule disallowing asking for Japanese middlemen for bidding on Y!J, as there are many deputy services that allow you to buy from Y!J auctions. This rule sounds completely reasonable to me in normal circumstances. However, I found an item which does not allow deputy services to bid on it (at least, that's the error message my deputy service gave me; the specific text was: "We're sorry, but the seller of the auction you would like to place a bid on does not approve of deputy service transactions. We are unable to bid on this persons auctions."). Under those circumstances, am I allowed to ask for a one time Japanese middleman? I'd be willing to compensate by paying a little extra. Please let me know if this is allowed (and if it is, if anyone can help me!)

solved thanks to dark_tyranitar 's suggestion :)

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