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Hello everyone. Just got back from a convention (Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo) and spent way too much on stuff (mostly Eevees). Trying to get to any of the booths was not fun as people just crouded. and getting aroud=nd was just as fun as there would be people just stopped in the middle of an aisle... And parking wasnt fun either, but the stuff was worth it! I also finaly got a package in that I was worried about, it was sent to the wrong place and I thought i'd never see it, luckly the problem was solved and it got to me safely.

First off we have this beautiful Eeveelution print. I absolutly love the artist, she makes amazing prints every year and I always drop buy to buy a few. Joleteon looks so cute in this one.


Next, the rest of my pokemon stuffs. The vivillons, Litleo, Mega Amphy, Mega Absol button and Talonflame were in my late package. Everything else was from the con, some of which I was very happy about getting, like the two eevee plush and the pidgy line tomys. I also love my perler Flareon and Quillava Plush, he makes a nice hat. I was happy to see a few legit things there this year and some Eeveelution pins and charms for me to use.

 I'm not too sure about the legitamacy of these  but i'm hoping they are cuz the flareons just too cute and finding anything Articuno is near impossible.. Any imput would be great and I'd love to know if I found some legit stuff at this con.

Thanks for looking and as always have a great day!

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