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Collection update!

Hello everyone! After my introduction post I never posted any update on my collection and I've been getting quite a lot of items over the last few months, so an update is due! Again, my main collection is Eeveelutions, especially plushes. I think I have a problem with full sets, I need to have full sets of everything. And of course because of this I had to choose to collect eeveelutions. Yay! (My wallet isn't as happy as me about this though, haha).

Unfortunately I can't take whole collection pictures, I have no space in my room right now and I need to keep most of my items stored in boxes. :( I'm gonna buy new furniture for my room soon and I'll finally be able to display everything properly and take better pictures for my next update. :)

Well, pictures incoming!


Pokemon Center "Trick Pose": These plushes are cute and detailed, albeit very tiny. My favourite from this set is Sylveon :) Sigh, I wish I had more Sylveon items. ^^


I Eevee Keychain: Aw, these are really cute. Most of this set comes from tsuki_no_eifie, it was my very first purchase from the community! Thank you :)


I Eevee Regular UFO: They aren't bad, but they're very far from being my favourite Eeveelution plushes. I bought them because.. ugh, collector urges, I suppose. :/


I Eevee Super DX: This set is one of my favourites :) I just bought the matching Sylveon on YahooJapan I can't wait to complete this set!


Chibi Kyun Chara Eeveelution figures: Ok, I promised myself I wouldn't really collect figures for the time being, but.. I found them for a very cheap price and bought them on a whim. After taking them out I've completely fallen in love with them, no regrets here. :D


Eevee Pokedoll figure and Eeveelution Ippai figures: Welll, I said I wouldn't collect figures but these were too good to pass up.. The Pokedoll figure comes from a community GA while the Ippai set is from hebilea :) Thank you! ^-^ I just bought the sitting Sylveon figure and I can't wait to complete the set. :)


Eeveelution Movie zukan: Okay, I won't try to justify myself anymore with buying figures! I love this zukan, and I'm glad that the paint job on the figures is well done, the only thing that's off is Umbreon's forehead ring but I can live with that, atleast they have their eyes in the right places. x.x

2014-03-21 13.25.24

Eevee 2012 Collection clearfiles: I really really love clearfiles. I collect clearfiles of various anime series and hang them on the wall like posters. :) Ever since I saw these Eeveelution clearfiles I knew I had to have them someday. I got this set from the last sales post of allinia, thanks! It's not pictured here but I got a Sylveon XY clearfile from polahbear, thanks. ^-^

2014-03-04 13.54.47

Lilligant Pokemon Type plush and Shiny Suicune zukan: not part of my main collection but Lilligant and Suicune (especially shiny) are two of my favourite Pokemon. The lovely Lilligant plush is from bluehyaku and the Zukan is from neeko48. Thank you!!

2014-03-04 13.52.09

Serperior family: Serperior is another one of my favourites :D Some of these plushes were bought in local shops, the Pokemon Center ones are from eBay while the Oversized Pokedoll is from tryndamere (thank you!!). I'm still desperately searching for the Serperior Pokemon Center plush (I just recently missed one that was put up for sale and I was so sad ç_ç).

That's all for now, thank you for looking at my post! :)
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