SoftMonKeychains (anaildapinto) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Handmade Mega Charizard Y Keychain!

Heya! I'm a crafter who used to make customized pokemons keychains in this community! Once I cleared all the commissions I dedicated several months to make improvements and give others and more flexible options.
But naturally as I needed to test new wood qualities I needed to make keychains from it. I have to thank you guys because I was able to afford better blades so I now can even cut sturdier wood! And studier wood means sturdier keychains which means I'm allowed to craft more dynamic poses when the regular keychains had many limits regarding that!

So I made both charizards to see how it goes! And their actual status, thanks to you, are now:


Thank you for the buyers for adapting them :) They are in their way!

I received sales permission on 12 January 2013 by entirelycliched!

I'm expecting to come back in May with not one, but THREE new keychain variations as well new products such as sculptures! By any of those the orders are 100% customized so you'll be able to request ANY pokemon/s and for the first time, I will accept human characters as well (I have been practicing human drawing a lot lately). And of course Ocs and others franchises of your liking are acceptable as well! Stay tuned!
Tags: charizard
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