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Need to clear! (:

Today, I am going to try to clear most of my pokemon items. So they are priced to clear! c:
Please make sure you read through the rules before any purchase! Thank you!

1. All pkmncollectors rules applies
2. Sales permission granted on 27 July 2013 by entirelyclinched
3. My feedback can be viewed here!
4. I currently only accept Paypal.
5. Shipping is from Singapore and starts from $3.
6. Shipping takes between 1-4 weeks.
7. Tracking is an additional $2.
8. All prices are in USD.
9. I have a very pet friendly home!

Lot #1: 2" figures
This lot is a mixture of booties and authentic figures.
Overall in good condition.
Please take note that pidgey tail has broken off but I still have it and will include it in.

$16 shipped (including fees)

Lot #2: Random figures
This lot is a mixture of McD figures, unknown figures, TFGs and pencil toppers!
All in good condition.
Please note that Chimchar is loose and may come off but it is not broken!

$16 shipped including fees.

Pokemon Battling Coin Game
These are brand new and only opened to look at the coins.
The person who buys 3 will get the original packaging - refer to picture 2 to see how the front and back looks like.

1 for $2
3 for $4.50

Only 7 coins available:
omanyte, seaking, poliwag, weedle, geodude, victreebel, pigeotto, voltorb


Sears Limited Edition Dogtags
Never used, in good condition.

$8 obo for the set.

Keychains - butterfree, pigeot, starmie, mankey, kingler
Necklace - pokeball

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