acidmimi (acidmimi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Opening up small commissions :)

School is almost done so I will actually have some free time. Also since I'm moving I could use the extra money! xD

I'm offering commissions for tiny paintings today

Examples and pricing under here!

sylveons and paintings 003


Base price 12$ per painting (1 character simple background no item)
Extra characters 5$ per character
Items 2$
Anything else we can work out a price! :)

Shipping is not included in the pricing
Base price for international shipping 6$ Just an FYI :)

1. Serenitysamaa - Mareep and shiny mareep (almost done, finishing details are being worked on now)
2. Loveespeon - Mega Lucario and sylve (background done, getting ready to work on characters)
3. Clair2522 - Not started
4. Empty
5. Empty

Also I have sales going on over here!

My dedenne painting is up for sale in it too! :D and I have lots of extra badges so just ask!

And I have a huuuuuuuuuuuge update coming up so look forward to that :D
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