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Some Gets and a Some Plush Questions

I have lurked around this community for a while, but never actually bought anything from anyway, but recently I thought I would give it a try. So here are a couple of my first gets from the community as well as a few others I bought elsewhere.

First I got the adorable old Mew Tomy plush and the Litleo Kid from midnitekitten17 (thank you =D). I love the Mew, mush older and more derpy than modern plush, but that gives him his own cute charm. The Litleo was to go along with the Litleo Pokedoll I bought from ebay. I don't own many pokedolls, but seeing the utterly adorable face of this guy made it an instant buy :3.

The DX Mew figure, I bought from dezi_kitsune, and it was my first purchase here so thank you for a smooth first purchase :3. He is awesome and his legs are adjustable so he can stand or sit.

Then there is the old sitting talking tomy mew. I never had this figure before, despite having the talking plush that probably came out around the same time, so finding it for a decent price on ebay was good luck. Next to him is a random wind up mew I bought just because it is mew and a nice addition to my collection.

Finally we have the three old kid figures, I bought these guys on ebay, which I believe I found through a sale post here, but I forgot who posted it (I am not sure if their ebay name is the same as on here but their user there is daveknapik, so thank you ^^). I bought these purely for the Mew, but the Mewtwos are nice too =D.

this has made my mew collection expand a nice amount :3.

And finally the questions.

First off a simple one, what is the best way to clean plush? some of mine have been left on the shelf for too long untouched (as I am derpy like that) and sadly got rather dirty from dust, the best example being the talking mew plush in the picture above. What would be the best way to clean them without ruining the material :P.

Lastly I want to ask about this Banpresto plush here:

Is this guy legit? I bought him for a pretty good bargain, not realizing it was quite a valuable plush from what I can find of him on ebay. I didn't think that any bootlegs of it existed, but I think a user here posted about their one and how they had just got a legitimate one, knowing their old one was a bootleg. So I was just wondering about this, as I am bad at telling these things. It has no hang tag, but had the generic banpresto tush tag as in the photo.

Any help is appreciated ^^.
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