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Small Sales

Hi everyone! <3 I have a few items for sale today. Please click the cut for more info~

-Sales permission granted on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched.
-Feedback is
-I ship from Rhode Island, USA. I do ship internationally.
-I accept PayPal and concealed cash with tracking on the envelope. Concealed cash is at your own risk.
-Priority is given to those who commit to purchase, rather than those who ask for a quote. If you back out of a sale after committing, you will be left either a neutral or a negative depending on the circumstances.
-I use recycled packaging materials for shipping. If this bothers you, please let me know.
-Once the package is dropped off at the Post Office, I am no longer responsible for it. Please ask for tracking and/or insurance to be included in your shipping cost if this is a concern.

(I am too lazy to take photos at the moment, so I am using stock photos and descriptions instead for everything except tcg. XD)

55 Code Cards - $33 including fees OBO.
I will type the codes and email them to you. The price above is exactly what you pay, unless you want the codes mailed to you instead. Included will be:

1x Yellow Code (Next Destinies?)
8x Plasma Freeze
1x Xerneas tin
6x Legendary Treasures
10x Plasma Blast
2x Green Codes (Dragons Exalted?)
4x Ice Codes (Boundaries Crossed?)
1x "Trainer Challenge" (Features Gothita, Drilburr, and Rufflet)
7x Dark Blue Codes (Plasma Storm?)
1x White Kyurem Tin
3x Purple Codes (Dark Explorers?)
11x XY

Umbreon Keychain plush MWT - $15 OBO
Has been hanging on display ever since I bought it. No imperfections as far as I can tell.

Reshiram + Zekrom Figures - $8 each OBO
I believe these are DX Tomy figures. Their legs move if that helps. XD My Reshiram is the Japanese, and my Zekrom is the American version from the BW Mall Tour. I believe that both have detached hang tags; I will double check if anyone is interested.

Jolteon Takaratomy Sitting Plush MWT- $18 OBO
Has been on display ever since I received him.

Moltres EX- $3
Zekrom FA- $4
Everything else $1 each
-All of the TCG are holo except Simisear, Toxicroak, and I think Crobat. Please ask about each card's condition if you are concerned.

Groudon + Latias Tomy MIP - $8 each
I have both of these MIP from Nintendo World, so the packaging is different from the Latias above.

That's all for now; I am very slowly forcing myself to weed my collection. XD Thank you! <3
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