noibatcutie (noibatcutie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Wants! +looking for GB cohost!

I know I know, I just posted some wants, but I found two more Bunnelby things that I have to have or I'm afraid they'll disappear forever ; -; If I don't stop spending money my mom is going to kill me XD Pics under da cut~! <3


Can Badge 2
Oh goodness...another can badge to search for @ -@ But it's so adorable with that blue swirly background...gaaaah...

Unknown Tin
Okay I know it's not a Bunnelby item but I have to put this in every wants post XD It's driving me crazy @ -@

Also, as May rolls in I'm going to be opening pastel commissions again! p.sxzeeko I finished another one of yours c: Here are some examples of my works! If you're familiar with pastels - I'd really like some critique! I feel like my colors come out a bit too dull sometimes @ -@

EDIT: I just found an awesome lot of lenticulars! I really wanna GB it for the Dusclops and Milotic! I'd be willing to do post/spreadsheet/etc! Just looking for a runner! Let me know! Thanks~! <33
Bigger pics under cut!

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