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Many gets (with a mini grail :3) + Updated sales

Hey! Still shocked by the announcement of a short-lived Pokémon Center in Paris *o* I'm so excited !

But for now, let's see my Japanese gets lol

"What is it ?"

¤ from hobby_japan
Cheapest prices ever! Arrived in about 10 days. Nothing more to say o/

I love Clauncher <3 and Spritzee's eyes are really charming.
But OMG that Tyrunt is so damn cuteeee *O*
However I'm still looking for Goomy :'(
Banette and Eevee were some kind of compulsive purchases (tiny plush + cute design + good prices...:P)
But I don't regret it. Besides, I succumbed to the other peeking plushies ahah

The other peeking plushies...
I like Dragon types (and have a space for them) so I had to get this naughty M-Garchomp ^^
But I think that my favorite is Pancham. They made him so charismatic <3

¤ from Noppin
Rocket power !!! I love these plushies. They aren't the softest ones but I really appreciate the material.
And the making is awesome. The best example is Inkay. Although his design is quite similar to the PC one, I don't know why (maybe the material or the size) but I'm in love with this Inkay whereas I was rather disappointed by the PC one.
Chus are nice even if Pikachu has a weird head (looks like a bootie lol) and Raichu has eaten too much xD
But the treasure is here
My little grail, Scramble U Shiny Pikachu NFC figure. I've been wanting her for so long. I'm so happy <3

¤ from AmiAmi
They are amazing! As you can see they are about twice bigger than regular ones.
And agreeably surprised to see that M-Mewtwo Y stands by himself \o/
(I have some doubles for sales o/)

Thank you for reading :3

You can find more pictures on my website
(send me a message if you want to share links)

And take a look at my updated sales o/
(XY DX Kids + PC Pikachu folders + Wobbuffet MPC + separate Shiny Rayquaza lot)
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