ipm117 (ipm117) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gets and Wants!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to show some new plushes and figures I got. Most of the plushes I actually managed to win at an auction :D

Thanks again to gleameyesluxray for Absol #1 and samisales for Petilil!

Thanks again to haepbrosonearth for Meloetta!


Thanks again to syminka for all of these!

And here are some wants! I still haven't found these guys anywhere. If anyone knows where I can find them or is willing to part with theirs, please let me know! Thanks :D

I haven't been able to find Ralts at all. I looked around eBay for a while with no luck :(

I have been able to find a few Kirlias on eBay but they are a little more than I am willing to spend at the moment.

I also haven't seen Whimsicott pokedolls on eBay, but I have seen some here. I missed my opportunity to get her a couple of times, but I haven't given up yet!

I would really love to add her to my collection :) Haven't seen her anywhere else but here too...
Tags: absol, eelektross, flareon, gets, kirlia, lilligant, meloetta, minccino, petilil, pikachu, ralts, umbreon, vulpix, wants, whimsicott
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