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Sylveon auction, round 2!

I managed to come across a couple more of the mouse pads, yay! Korean stores are weird, they stock maybe one or two pokemon items and never get them again. I haven't seen anymore of those genesect movie ones in a while either, no matter how many stores I check. And I've gone to at least a dozen stores to look for them.

Anyway, I'm rather pleased to bring you some more korean sylveon goods! Along with the mousepad, notebook and puzzle from the last time I posted, I also found another, larger puzzle. Sylveon isn't the main focus on this one but there's other cuties hanging out.

Auction will last for 8 days, running from today until the 10th of may at 6pm south korean time (UTC/GMT+09:00). Minimum bid increase is $1, please pay within 48 hours of receiving your total.

I was granted Sales Permission on 10/27/2012 byallinia

Prices do not include shipping/fees, however, bid totals over $30 will get free shipping.

Unfortunately, still featuring Pikachu nosing his way in on EVERYTHING

Warning: Pictures are pretty big, to show detail.

Jigsaw Puzzle

25 pieces, 7.5 inches x 6.5 inches, a little over 1/8 inch thick.

A little jigsaw puzzle, the kind for kids that are printed on thick hard cardboard. Front side features Sylveon, Pikachu, Spritzee, Fletchling and Chespin. and no, the corner is not damaged, that's the plastic covering it came in.

Back side features The eeveelutions family From the Eevee and friends short! Special guest appearance by Pikachu.

Bidding for this cute little puzzle will start at $5


Jigsaw puzzle (larger)

9x12 inches, 36 pieces, printed on thick (1/8 inch) cardboard, the kind that are meant for little kids, rather heavy. Features Sylveon, Fenekkin, Forakie, chespin, Pikachu, and Deddene. Comes in a little zippable clear vinyl baggie, which I am including because it has a sylveon and pikachu sticker on it (pictured below). Sticker is 3x3, though I don't know if I'd recommend removing it unless you're very careful.

Back features Kalos starters, fletchling, pikachu, meowth, inkay, wobuffet, bunnelby, pumkaboo, Ash, serena, team rocket and clemont.



Sticker on the ziplock pouch.

bidding starts at $5


Eevee and Friends school notebook - 2 Available

24 pages, 7.25 x 10 inches

Adorable soft cover notebook featuring the eeveelu family, along with pikachu, oshawott, wobuffet, and meowth. Has Sylveon and Eevee as the main feature.

Back cover features the eevee family with pikachu.

Paper inside is lined the same way most korean school notebooks are.

Note: the little white and pink thing at the top is not a sicker, it's part of the cover. I think it's where you write your name/subject or something. Also, the notebook is not a spiral bound one and those black dots on the side are from a different notebook I own, but it has the same kind of paper. The actual eeveelu notebook has not been opened much, just flipped through to count the pages.

bidding starts at $5


Eeveelution mouse pad - 2 Available

8.5 x 7 inches, plastic with foam back. It's actually pretty thin, but I'd imagine this would be more for display than use anyway. Features the playful eevee family and their friends from the short film; Pikachu, meowth, and oshawott. Still in plastic.

bidding starts at $5

Please refrain from bidding until all threads are up.

Threads are up, bid away!

Congrats to the winners!
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