vulpeslagopus (vulpeslagopus) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Auctions Reminder, Shipping update and Sales purge, oh my!

I'm sure y'all are getting sick of me clogging up the front page, but this is a multipurpose post.
FIRSTLY, my auctions are ending in roughly a day and a half! Bidding ends at 5/4 at & PM CST, so don't miss out on your chance to own super-rare mugs featuring Charizard, Vulpix and others, along with other stuff!

Next up, shipping update to the folks who bought items from my first minor sales update: I will be shipping out Monday! :)

And lastly: I had the phone bill from Giratina's homeland pop up and I had a collection purge- EVERYTHING MUST GO! I have a MWT Butterfree Pokedoll and a DX Vulpix up for straight sale, along with a TON of new stuff! GO GO GO!

Oh yeah, here's something cute to liven up this post and my feelings regarding finals:
Tags: auction, butterfree, charizard, pokedoll, sales, vulpix
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