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Pokedoll & Pokedoll Charm Collection Update

Hello fellow collectors! It has been so long since I've posted an update. I'm godudette and I collect Pokedoll charms, Marill, Cresselia, Darkrai, and Pokedolls. I moved to a new state a couple months ago and my collection remained stored away for awhile. Well, get ready to see my beautiful Pokedoll collections displayed as they should be!

Pokedolls galore! I am so impressed by my own collection and the fact that I have managed to get them all to display on my desk. My newest gets include Xerneas, Yveltal, Fennekin, Froakie, and my new custom Marill Pokedolls that I showed off in my last collection update. ^_^

Unfortunately, my Darkrai, Cresselia, and Marill collections are still boxed up... I've got to find somewhere to set them up in my new apartment.

After a couple years of storing my charms in a container, I finally found a way to display them where I can actually see them every day. I picked up this jewelry stand at Michael's craft store for $10; a perfect price for the perfect display!

Introducing my two newest charms: Plusle and Minun! I won these in chespin's latest auction. Thank you very much! This brings my total charm count to 45 (which includes my duplicate Poke Balls). I've still got 21 more to collect before my collection is complete!

The best part about collecting charms? I love to wear them as jewelry!

If you checked out the entire post, you'll notice that my charm collection is still far from complete! I am looking to purchase or trade for any charms I do not have already. (Here's the list of what I still need.) Some of the nice things I have available for trade are pictured below the cut! :D

Of course, if you are interested in any of these things but don't have Pokedoll charms I'd be happy to trade for other things I'm looking for (on my outdated wish list). I am also looking for a used 3ds / 3ds XL and a Pokemon themed notebook (medium or large sized). If you don't have anything but want to purchase... just let me know. I'm looking for trades first but I'll put these up for direct sale in the future if no one wants to trade.

  • Sales permission granted by denkimouse in March 2011.

  • My feedback

Gorgeous Chandelure Jewelry Stand - SUPER HARD TO FIND! Taken out of the box for pictures. :)

Standing Eeveelution plushies, MWT.

Pokedoll Stamp Tote Bag
Substitute Plush MWT
2004 Velboa Charmander pokedoll (will trade for similarly valued Pokedoll that I don't have).

Thanks for checking out my post!
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