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'Vees in the kitchen auctions!

I come to the community today with kitchen ware, including an uncommon 7/11 Eevee & Friends Promo Ramen Bowl.

Small pictures of what's for auction today.

Since there's glassware, I'd prefer to ship via EMS. It's safer and about the same price as registered shipping via Airmail. Please ask me for a quote if you are unsure.

The glassware is microwave safe, but I am unsure about the ramen bowl.

Sale's Policies:
- I was given sales permission on Dec. 1st, 2013 by entirelycliched. My feedback is here.
- I ship once a week, on Mondays, from Japan. Since Monday this week is a holiday, I will ship this week on Wednesday and Friday to make up for missing this Monday.
- Shipping will be about 15$ EMS for each item, with shipping discounts for additional items. Because I am moving end of the month and because the sets are glassware, I'd prefer to do EMS shipping. Please ask for a quote if you are unsure.
- Items are new and come from a smoke and pet free home. I took them out of the box to take pictures only and the ramen bowl has never been used and is in its original plastic.
- I accept Paypal only.
- Please pay within 24hrs after receiving total and payment information. If you need more time, I can do holds for up to a week.
- I'll do my best to provide additional pictures if requested.
- I ship using bubble mailers.
- I'm not responsible for fees incurred by customs.
- Priority for those who commit first.
- Auction Countdown Timer
- I am moving. Please checkout my other sales, because what hasn't sold by the end of this week, will be put on eBay. I can only take so many things with me and I have so many more things to pack. Sales are here and here. I have multiples of tons and tons of things, so please don't hesitate to ask if I still have something even if you see one's been shipped and sold. Please comment here, instead of the old sales posts, so I have everything in one place. Thanks :)

NIB. Bowl and Mug Set. Starts @ 10$

NIB. Mug and Cake Plate Set. Starts @ 10$


2013 Movie 7/11 Promo Bowl. Starts @ 5$
This bowl was part of a ramen and chopstick box set. I have another NIB, but am only auctioning off my second, out of package one. If you'd like pictures of the whole box and artwork for wants list, please let me know. All 9 eeveelutions are featured on the bowl. I have pictured the front and back of the bowl.

All things bought from my previous sales post were shipped today, or in the past week. =3
Edit 5/9 - I just got the shipping totals from the post office today for the sets and the bowl. Please give me another few hours to comment on the winning comments with totals; my paypal was locked and I can't collect money until I call and sort out what happened, which I'll do tomorrow morning, but I don't want people to pay right away and then realize they can't and worry. Sorry about that. Paypal should be working now, but if there's any error saying the recipient can't accept money, please let me know. There was an issue with my bank linked to my account, but I think it should be okay now =3
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