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New Around Here

Hi everyone. I'm new to the pkmncollectors community, but I'm definitely not new to Pokemon! I've been an obsessed fan since I was about 9 (and now I'm 20).. :P

I've been collecting the TOMY Monster Collection figures for a while, now. I've also just found out that the vast majority of Pokemon figures offered on eBay are bootlegs.. bummer. D: I guess that would explain why finding either a Magnemite, Magneton or Ponyta (*Ponyta especially!) has been so difficult as of late. All I've been able to find are their ugly, bootleg counterparts.

To make a long story short, I'm a Ponyta collector! If anyone is selling or has come across any of the above mentioned figures, please message me! It would be most appreciated. ^_^

Thanks!!!!! I'll have to get some pictures of my collection soon.. hopefully after class today!

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