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Final Kalos Pokedolls, SSS, Work gets, Charizards, and More. Oh my!

Hello again everyone! :D

After waiting a while to accumulate some gets and also waiting for a sunny day for photoshoot, I have finally gotten time for a collection update!!

Update at my collection site:

Well, you can see my accumulation of gets for the past two months. Every time I wanted to post an update, it was a rainy day so my pics wouldn't come out clear XP

Let's kick it off with my work related gets!

This couple of weeks, we've gotten some awesome pokemon related stuff. The most I've seen in a while. Someone in the back reserved the Toy Factory Charmander and Pikachu. They wanted to make it up to me, since they threw away a MWT giant Pikachu plush (it was so clean too) in the dumpster, getting the news too late that I wanted to buy it ;_; I found a McDonalds Pignite, which was the last guy I needed for the set!!

There was also a MWT Bulbasaur bath buddy, a jaaks pikachu and oshawott too! Heck i found a bag of TOMY'S at work!! DVD's too! Funny thing about the all stars DVD set: it was sitting on top of the board games, and I saw Pikachu on it. After picking it up, I saw that it was a DVD set!

TOMY's close up! I got it for the Golduck, psyduck, and Charmander. I have a soft spot for them :3

(Excuse fuzzy pic) I still have to find a time to sit down and watch these.

This was from gen 3 and downwards. Eee Mudkip <3 The set contains 10 dvd's of the most popular pokemon at the time.

All in order ^^ The Eevee DVD is faded for some reason.

This is where Pignite stays, in a row with the others in front of my tv.

Other gets! I won this lot on ebay for $10. XP The plush are great, minus some stains. The big Pikachu has a lot of animal fur embedded into it. I wanted the lot for the Mini Bulba <3 I'm gonna keep the others though.

Bulbasaur stays with White Kyurem!

More stuff! Oversized Shimmery Piplup was from SMJ and so was the Laying Leafeon Tomy plush!

Walky mudkip was from _sasami_. Glaceon canvas was from dezi_kitsune's offers. Oversized Plusle Pokedoll was from ebay. I love how soft he is!

I'm pretty sure Shadow lugia was from baconscreation's ebay page. I had the bootleg one for a long time and i needed a legit one!

Mini whimsicott was from firebomb. And Mini Lucario and Scraggy were from a GA that was hosted. I forgot the usernames ;_; Scraggy can slightly put up his pants too.

Ah finally the pair is together!

A Shimmery Oversized set is complete!!

I've noticed that for all the pokemon for this set, they all start with a P.

My small collection of eeveelu canvases. These were the only 3 I wanted.

Kalos starter Zukan time from heatrotomftw97!! I ordered the Pancham line for my friend and she loves it!!

My favorite is Chesnaught! I'm just a bit disappointed that Greninja got the common pose for it :/

Unlike gen 5, this set of Zukan got excellent paint jobs.

Ignore the scuffs on Chesnaughts back. I got him like that for some reason.

More front shots. I think this shows off the color well.

Funny story about the cards. My friend sarah and i were in target for a snack run, and we were at the register. she suddenly exclaims "Ooh, elgyem and beheeyem".

That was enough to getmy attention XD and she points out the card set with a holo Beheeyem!! I snapped it up right away! The other cards were my rare pulls.

Rumble U Red Genosect and Deoxys were from korth's auctions. I needed them for my collection.

My Rumble U collection. All I'm mising now are the shiny female Pikachu and Shiny Eevee then it is complete!

My overdue Spring secret Swap gets from hantsukihaunter!!! Ahh The Petit Mudkipis so soft and adorable <333 and so are the ring and Bobblehead!! Thank you so much!!! <333

Now for Sunyshore gets!! the Pokecen Chesnaught was from Gin a month ago!

Let's start with the zards!! The X Zard has to be my favorite, but the wingspan is impressive for Y.

Back shots.

Now we continue with the Kalos Final starterpokedolls. I thought my favorite would be Chesnaught, but no, it turned out to be Greninja! There's just something so appealing about Greninja's pokedoll design.

back shots. Delphox has a bit of a problem sitting down on hard surfaces.

Excuse fuzzy pic XP Side shot.

Top of Greninja's head.

Chesnaught PokeCen vs Oversized Pokedoll. Cute points go to the pokedoll, but details go to the PokeCen.

This is the ONLY thing I find disappointing about the pokedolls. Chesnaughts spikes are these flat things, while the PokeCen is filled out and stufed. I wished/hoped for them to do the same thing for the pokedoll. Not this time :/

DX Dedenne Pokedoll next to the normal sized! His ears are like satellite dishes. I now have to find a spot for him XD;

I'm so glad that the tail is stuffed and not the hard felt like the normal sized one!

Petit raichu is so cute!!!<3333 I couldn't resist when I saw his face!

and so is his tail!!

I also got the recent new Bulbasaur too, since I saw that his color was different then the previos Bulbasaurs. He's more brighter... like radioactive bright. He's next to the Mini pokedoll for normal color vs new color comparision. Mini squirtle is there too XP I'm missing the Mini Charmander Pokedoll to complete the set.

I couldn't resist taking a pic of my bootleg Dragonair compared to the legit one. I'm still waiting on teddiursa and the sellers response for him, so Dragonair is staying in my room for the meantime so nobody can touch him.

In the mantime, I did someorganization of my collection:

My pokedoll shelf got rearranged!

and so did my corder shelf of pokeplush!!

And that's all for this update, thanks for reading everyone!!!

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