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Wheee Lax Update and Pokemon League Goodness!

Today I got TWO packages and yesterday I got two, and I have something that arrived a while ago that I never posted! :D Plus some League stuff that is exciting to me. :D

Let's start at the beginning and end with what arrived this morning.

I traded with Toz (happyjolteon) for the Snorlax Pokedoll. <3 Thank you so much! :D He is happy and adorable and soft and omg. <3

Wheee. :D

Yesterday I got my little Munch Zukan from Ani's groupbuy (kiraras_lemon). He is so adorable. :3 It's from the set with Prof. Oak and Plusle/Minun. :D Thanks Ani! :D

Yesterday I also received this pin from pheonixxfoxx. :D Thank you! :D It was packaged very securely. :3 I just love MD Munchlax stuff... this is actually a promo item I think because it has the game's release date printed around the edge with the copyright information. It is the size and style of a 151 Badge. So lovely. <3

Today I had mail from raichu_saana and Gin! :D

What cute stuff! :D Yes I did save the stamp. xD

A better picture of the cap. When you move it he noms his fruit! :D :D I love these holographic things. <3 Does anyone know how old these are or what soda they were on? Thanks! :D

This is what arrived for me from Sunyshore! :D Thank you so much it really made me happy. <3

Here is a closeup of the drawing, a visualization of the Snorlax Express! :D :D Suuuuper Laaaaax!

The flyers included show off the awesome Dominoes Pizza Lax promotion, I really appreciate them! :D

Eeeeee <3 From the flyer I learned that the artist of the Munchlax and regular Snorlax cards is my favorite artist Kagemaru Himeno! :D I am so excited and I hope I can find some still around when I can afford them. I saw Munchlax on ebay for 20$+ and I died. ;-; The other items are a Deck Box and a Binder! :D :D

And of course, the star, KABIGON BOUND BALL!!!!!!!! :D :D :D He makes me smile. I thought it was a bouncy ball, but actually it is hollow and squeezable! :D Omg happiest Lax evaaaaar. <3 Thank you Gin! :D

Yay new shelf organization! :D I am very pleased with how it looks. The mini poster is the other side of the Dominoes advert. ;D

A few weeks ago I started playing TCG at the Pokemon League near my University. It's really very fun and even though most of the players are quite young I feel like I fit in. They were really nice about helping me learn. xD

These were the POP cards I earned. :D How cute. <3 Mareep went into my deck. :D

And just this past Saturday I earned my BAAAAAADGE! :D :D I was so happy. :D This Saturday is the start of a new season.

I also got the holo energy for completing the Rival's Challenge. It went in my deck too! :D

I gave my badge to Kibbles since my deck is built around the Electivire family. :D

The Electivire I traded for to add to my deck and Rayquayza was just a nice pull! :D

The comic book shop I play at has Gashapon and I got the Pikachu I wanted first go! :D


Today I made a collage of package arts for ease of display. :D

Closeup. :3 Lotsa cool art! :D :D Thanks to all! :D
That's all for today! :D I have class soon. :O

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