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Super Updated Sales!

Hey Everyone!
After a while of not existing because of grad school, the semester is finally wrapping up! This means I finally had time to update my sales!
I've decided to part with my Plusle/Minun Collection, so there's a ton of plusle/minun stuff here.

General Rules
-Sales permission granted on by 9/24/2013 by Allinia
-Feedback is here:
-I ship from NY, USA to Worldwide

-Prices do not include shipping or fees (unless stated)
-I will hold an item for 24 hours if someone asks for a quote. Please let me know ASAP if you do not want the item, so I can offer it to the next person
-A quote is not a commitment, but if you commit and then back out I will leave negative feedback (so please ask for quotes if you're worried about shipping!)
-Feel free to haggle UNLESS prices say firm
-I might be interested in trades.
-If you disagree with my pricing please be polite and message me privately.

Default shipping methods:
-First Class Mail in a Bubble Mailer w/tracking
-I'm very busy with graduate school, so I may be kind of a slow shipper. I try to go to the post office once a week. If you need an item shipped ASAP please let me know and I'll see what I can do.
-I am not responsible for items once they are mailed. I keep receipts, customs numbers, and tracking numbers if applicable. If you want pictures of receipts just let me know!

-Shipped prices are US only. If you want an international shipping quote please just ask =]

Left to Right
Minun DX Pokedoll (left)- Good Used Condition- $50
Minun DX Pokedoll (center)- Good Used Condition- $50
Large Banpresto Minun- MWT- $40

Left to Right
Left Plusle-Plays a song when you squeeze its hand (heavy may have high shipping)- Good used condition- $50
Large Banpresto Plusle- Good Used Condition- $30
Large Minun (Banpresto?)- Used Condition- $30

Left to Right
Contest Minun- Good Used Condition- $25
Contest Plusle- Good Used Condition- $25
Banpresto Minun- Good Used Condition- $15
Banpresto Plusle 1- Good Used Condition- $15
Banpresto Plusle 2- Good Used Condition- $15
Banpresto Minun w/Fan- Good Used Condition $15

Left to Right
Minun Wallet- Like New Condition- $20
Plusle Wallet- Like New Condition- $20
Banpresto Minun (top)- Good Used Condition- $15
Hasbro Minun (bottom)- Good Used Condition- $10
Banpresto Minun- Used Condition- $10

Canvas Plusle- Like New Condition- $55
Canvas Minun- Like New Condition- $55

Plusle Pokeball Pillow-Light, Small stains on back (didn't even notice them at first)- $40
Minun Pokeball Pillow-Good Used Condition- $50

Large Minun Head Pillow-Good Used Condition- $30

Meowth (left)-$2
Pikachu (top)-$2
Minun Grabber- $5
Poliwhirl- $2
Meowth (right)- $2
Totodile- missing one of his back stripes- $10
Snorlax- $2
Pikachu (bottom)- $2
Snubull- used condition- $3

Chirstmas Chikorita- Good Used Condition- $20
Bootleg Psyduck- $2
Nintendo World Chespin- MWT - $22 shipped
Elekid (changes into pokeball)- Used Condition - $10

Nintendo World Post Cards- $10 shipped each

Minun and Plusle Banks- $15 Each

Pichu- $2
Venonat Ball- $5
Marill Light- Has Scuff Mark- $4
Pikachu Light- $5
Pikachu Ball-$5
Slowking Keychain- $5

Nintendo World Patches - $10 shipped each

Random Plusle/Minun Lot- $20 (may separate just ask)

Rumble-U Figures $4 Each, Zoroark $3 (He can stand up on his base fine. I just laid him down so it was clear he is broken) All will be shipped in capsules
Sold: Celebi

Various Burger King Toys (some MIP). The packaging on some is a little damaged (not open, but shows wear), so if that would bother you please ask.
MIP Toys $6 Shipped US Each Firm
(they have codes so I can tell what is inside):
Nidoqueen Keyring (code:46-12)
Sandslash Keyring (code:38-11)-
Nidoking Keyring (code:52-12)-
Bulbasaur Launcher (code:71-15)-
Venusaur Launcher x2 (code:79-16)--
Hitmonlee Keyring x2 (code:78-16)--

Opened Toys (all slightly used)
Nidoqueen Keyring+pokeball- $3
Nidorino Keyring+ pokeball- $3
Hitmonlee Keyring+ pokeball- $3
Cubone Keyring- $2
Venusaur Launcher w/o launcher (lol)- $1
Tags: bulbasaur, chespin, chikorita, cubone, elekid, fennekin, froakie, hitmonlee, marill, meowth, minun, nidoking, nidoqueen, pikachu, plusle, sales, sandslash, slowking, snorlax, sylveon, totodile, venonat, venusaur, xerneas, yveltal
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