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Small sales + metal figure machine in Japan

Hey again everyone, I have some more small sales this week including some of the things I got in Japan!

I have a few Eeveelution things up for offer, including a rare Jolteon metal swing keychain and a few Sylveon items - all details and info are under the cut. :)

Quick rundown of my policies, outside from standard community rules:

Shipping starts at $4 to the US and $8.50 worldwide!

I'll be taking offers for about a week! I may accept offers at any time, but they will close next Tuesday, May 13th @ 10pm PST otherwise.
I am more than happy to hold other things from this post if you are participating in any of the items up for offers!

Anything with "OBO" - feel free to make an offer. I am open to haggling (within reason) for these items. :)

Items up for offer!

Jolteon metal swing keychain! Starts at $35

Sylveon bag, starts at $20! Highest offer is $100 by slothyshroom

Sylveon Hand Towel, starts at $15!

Sylveon towel, starts at $10!
Highest offer is $20 by acidmimi

Sylveon orange pen, starts at $10!
Highest offer is $10 by princessharumi

The rest of these items below are available for straight sale!

Mewtwo towel with Genesect: $8 OBO

Towel with shiny Genesect, Charizard, Dragonite: $6 OBO

Metal swing keychains!
Scizor, Steelix, Bayleef: $8 each

Mega Evo Pins! $4.50 each.
Choose from: Gengar, Tyranitar, Garchomp

Fennekin, Braixen metal charms: $4 each
Fennekin silver coin: $2.50
Froakie gunmetal coin: $1.50

Celebi necklace: $12 OBO
Pikachu charm: $3.50

$1 each!
Pikachu pin, Pikachu/Pichu metal charm, starters keychain

Suicune pin: $3
Raichu Magnet: $4

Clear Shaymin TOMY: $3.50

Umbreon, Espeon: $10 each
Eevee: $8
Pikachu: $3

I also thought I'd share something kind of cool that I found in Japan!
It looks like a metal figure gachapon from a long time ago. I was browsing vintage shops with my friend who pointed this out - I know that some of these figures date as far back as 1998! It was just neat because I absolutely adore metal figures and thought it was a nice piece of history to see for myself irl.

Here's a close up of the front! All generation 1 Pokemon, colored ones included, all brand new like that at one point in time! Now the colored ones are very hard to come by in pristine condition. ;-;

I looked at the contents of the machine and it looks like there were some metal figures but other things as well - I'm not actually sure what this is, but it looks pretty old! I wonder if they exist for more generation 1 Pokemon?

Also a random bonus pic I found in my camera that I forgot about until now: a giant 4 foot tall Pikachu plush! It's guaranteed to be bootleg since I found it in China, but it wasn't on display in the shops and was in one of the back storage rooms (where a lot of other plush were, as you can see!). It's huge, and from the colors it looks like a super enlarged bootleg version of a canvas plush. I'm not too knowledgeable about Pikachu plush but I can see something like this as a prize at a fair or something! Has anyone seen a 4 foot tall Pikachu like this before?

That concludes my post for now! I'll have another amada sales post at some point with some new stock in the upcoming weeks, and a collection update too with some exciting new gets. :D
Tags: bayleef, braixen, dragonite, eevee, espeon, fennekin, froakie, garchomp, genesect, jolteon, pikachu, raichu, sales, scizor, shaymin, steelix, sylveon, tyranitar, umbreon
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