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Rumble U who?

I'm back! At last!
I had to (and still am) take a break from serious Pokémon collecting due to needing my money for other things... But I have missed this place!

Brief update before I get to the point; I ordered the newest (last time I checked...) adorable Raichu plush not long ago, so I'm hoping that'll come soon, possibly... And I finally got the 3 Kalos starters plush that the US had for ages before the UK haha ~3~
I also finally got talking Bidoof, which I believe I got just before I left PKMNcommunity and never got a chance to tell you all about... I might do a collection update in a few months when I move and maybe start collecting again too so I'll make sure to do that!
Would probably just stick to Drifloon/Drifblim merch, kid figures of my favourite Pokémon, ghost and electric Pokémon cards and the occasional cutie pie though... I went a bit crazy last year and bought too much and had to go cold turkey.

So, I have 3 reasons for coming here today! The main reason; I'm looking for a Rumble U NFC figure I can use to play Rumble U.
Short story time. I got Rumble U last year sometime (just after it's release in the UK) and I decided I wouldn't play until I found an adorable Rumble U NFC figure to play with. Originally I had visions of collecting almost all of them, but as time has gone on I just want to find 1 lone figure I can play Rumble U with.
I have an unloved Genesect I'd be willing to trade, a White Kyurem I MIGHT trade for something really nice or, and I hate to say this, a small amount of money. I'm ideally looking for someone who'd be willing to sell me a Rumble U NFC figure for no more than £5/$8. That means most likely I'm limited to buying in the UK (I'm in the UK, you see), because of shipping costs from most other places, but I am willing to buy internationally if anyone is okay with that. I won't be trading if you're international at this time though, sorry...
I'll even pay the £5/$8 and trade a figure if needs be, as long as I don't go over that price ;A;

With that said, the list of figures I want (with most wanted bold for convenience) are



Though if you have any others that you'll sell for my low buying price, feel free to name them, because if I get desperate I might take it... Heh~
I realise this is a tall order, but I just want to play my game at this point and eBay is pricey!

Second order of business; I'm looking for the X and Y TCG Full Art Emolga. I don't really have an ideal price for this, so if you have one for sale that is a decent price then I guess let me know, I may be interested! Got a FA Emolga! I also still collect Electric Pokémon cards if anyone is selling any really nice ones. The TCG is my main collection at this point.

Last of all, more of a curiosity thing, in the 3-4 months since I was last around, has there been any new merch for the Goomy or Pumpkaboo lines? Or even, by some chance, Drifloon line? I can't afford anything right now, but I just want to check I haven't missed too much! I believe when I left a Goomy plush had just been released or announced and now I'm kinda annoyed I missed out ¬3¬

Thank you for reading this ridiculous post! I miss this place and I hope one day, but not yet, I can come back. I think I miss kid figures the most, I love those little things! I still have my tiny less-than-20 collection of kids though!

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