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Reminder for 'Vees Kitchenware Auction and GB for Charms

Reminder before my 'Vees Kitchenware auctions close at the end of today.

Please click here to make a bid and see sales permission/rules. The 7/11 Promo Bowl and Cake Set are still at low bids =3

Also. I hate spamming the community, but I'm missing the Sylveon pokecenter charm in my collection that was released recently and I just found a set of the charms for a decent price for a BIN on Y!J. I just need Sylveon for my collection. All of the other Eeveelu's are up for claims.

Edit for 5/9 - The listing for the charms ended, and there weren't enough claims. However, I found a cheaper set, so if people are still interested, I'll give it more time for claims.


- I'm shipping from Japan. I'll ship these out as soon as I receive them and payments for shipping.
- Feedback is here. I was given sales permission on Dec. 1st, 2013 by entirelycliched.
- I am buying directly from Y!J, so there are 2 payments. 1) 3.40US/3.43INTER, which includes shipping from seller to me and bank transfer fees, and 2) Shipping from from me to you will start at about 2.11$US/2.13$INTN in a bubble mailer, with a little extra if you want a tracking number. You can combine to get the free shipping from my other sales, too.
- In the seller's description, they say these are both new.
- Listing ends in about 12hrs. If all the 'vees are claimed by then, I'll order the set. I'll update participants when/if the set is ordered and where to submit payment.
- There will be no reminders for when the charms need to be claimed by...since this is ending so soon.

Please comment here to place a claim.
Sylveon - caddieneko
Eevee - fabledkizmet
Vaporeon - myntii
Jolteon -
Flareon -
Umbreon -myntii
Espeon -
Leafeon - mcmc11
Glaceon -

Please comment on this post to make a claim <3
Tags: auction, eeveelution, group buy
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