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FromJapan saga

Short version of what happened:
I deposited 780 JPY onto a FJ account. After the price of the item I was bidding on increased, I decided to use the adjust/release feature to withdraw my funds and I received a statement on my PP account that my payment was refunded. Later, I decided to re-deposit my funds along with an additional 80 Yen (it would've made a difference). I was told that there was an error depositing the funds and the transaction was declined. I shrugged it off because I thought that I simply was short the money (#BrokeAsHell). I tried to re-deposit the initial deposit of 780 Yen, and to my shock, it was declined as well. I went to my PP account and I noticed that not only did I have $0.00 USD, I also had 0 Yen. I don't understand why the money would not be there. In order to find out what the hell is going on, I am going to list the exact steps of what I did.

1. Deposited 780 JPY into my FromJapan Account from my PP account. Since PayPal had incorrect conversion rates, I opted for the other option to let the bank do all of the converting (I don't know if this really makes a difference or not since I only worked with USD previously)
2. I decided to release the entire deposit (780 Yen) from FJ, later to re-deposit it and a small amount (80 Yen) more, because I needed to add more money in order to get the item that I wanted.
3. I received a statement saying that my payment of 780 JPY had been refunded.
4. The new deposit of 860 Yen was declined. I wasn't initially startled because I was unsure how much I had in the first place.
5. I attempted to re-deposit the 780 Yen (I knew I had at least that much).
6. Shockingly, that was declined as well.
7. Checked my PayPal only to discover that I had $0.00 USD and 0 Yen.
8. Posted this on pkmncollectors for advice.

Is there something that I have seriously looked over? I hope I'm able to get that money back somehow.

EDIT: I have just confirmed with my card issuer that the entire FJ transaction is still pending. I hope it doesn't take too too long for my deposit to re-appear on my card.
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