fennekinz (fennekinz) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Re-intro and grail get

Hello all! My name is Ali but on lj I call myself Fennekinz! Even though I am not really a Fennekin collector ^^; I actually was a very active member under the name eeveecheese, I even obtained sales permission! So...if you see Fennekinz trying to sell some swag on here don't be put off by it! I am a big fan of Eevee, a bigger fan of Glaceon and a HUGE fan of Leafeon! My claim to fame is that I have a custom 1/1 Leafeon plush heehee~ I might post more up-to-date pictures of my collection after the gets post after this one :) A warning: I have a lot of really adorable stuff and a lot of it is random!

Now, on to that grail get...


The process to get two bootleg ones of these two took about one week. The process to get first a legit Leafeon and just today a legit Glaceon took about TWO YEARS!! Also, I was really put off by the price and since Glaceon was rarer I waited longer than I should have haha. But then I found one for a real steal and voila! My life has come full circle...almost :P


The two sisters gettin' close~


These two. THESE. TWO. After years of searching for them I finally found them. Where? In a free bin in a yard sale that I passed while I was on one of my walks. See? Getting healthy pays in the long run! :D

From where I stand, I only need a few very recent plush and the laying Tomy plush for Leafeon and Glaceon~ Also, one day I hope to give my 1/1 Leafy a sister :)

Thanks for looking ^^

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