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Quick sale

Hi all~ So who else is super hyped for the Hoenn remake??? I know I am! I'm surprised it's coming so soon though, I'm hardly done with x and y yet D: Anyway, I come with a super quick sale =3

I was granted sales permission back in 2012 by Rachelled
Paypal only please to xleylunax@gmail.com
Comes from dog friendly home, but she's tiny and all my plush are wrapped up or on a high shelf
smoke free home
I'm not responsible for any missing packages, will provide evidence of receipt and try to compensate you in some way IF POSSIBLE
will hold on case by case basis
my feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/leyluna/
haggling accepted

photo (12)
I <3 Vaporeon BOOTLEG. It's really soft and really good quality for a bootie. The tags look almost perfect. The only real noticable flaw is its twisted front paw. But it can still stand on it's own if you position it right. Would make a good cuddle or travel buddy. I paid $20 for it, so how about $17 shipped anywhere
photo (13)
Pokemon center USA zorua plush! I somehow ended up with two. $20 shipped anywhere.

Thanks~ Expect a possible pickup run in the next few weeks from NYC =3
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