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An underground get and some sales

Hello community!

I'm here today to show you something I bought some months ago (but it arrived ona a ship so it took two months!)
ss (2014-05-08 at 09.09.09)

Such a cute box! It's a diglett game :O
ss (2014-05-08 at 09.08.13)
Look all these digletts with different expressions, they are really nice. But I don't understand the aim of the game :/

ss (2014-05-08 at 09.08.43)

Well, seems like Heracross grabbed the hammer and only wants to smash digletts with it,he's happy with that.

I don't know the rules of the game, does anyone have it or know how to play? The Digletts have some number from 0 to 5 and then a pokeball, which I guess means that you've catched it, I guess there are some kind of rules, but I have no idea :/

Anyways, the game comes with some kind of speaker that says things, I don't know that it says since it is on japanese. Could anyone translate it?

And now, some sales :3



Pokemon laying button plush. They could have a few marks since they are sold so check the photos first, please. PHOTOS
Pichu and Treecko 5$ each.

SOLD: Slakoth, Pikachu, 1xTreecko, Mudkip

Mime Jr. UFO (knit/wool/amigurumi... ¿?) with tag 25$ shipped Europe/ 28$ shipped outside OBO
ss (2014-05-01 at 08.44.41)ss (2014-05-01 at 08.44.54)

Marill friends plush (His tush tag has been cut) 5$

Turtwig and Bunneary mascot plushies 4$ each.

SOLD: Bunneary


Shaymin strap mascot plushies. 4$ each or take all of them for 10$


Red Genesect UFO plush 22$ shipped all the world. (OBO)
Psyduck friend 5$
Meowth beanie old and dirty for free (it could increse the shipping of an order)

Custom Pokemon Time Bookmarks


Available: 1xDragonite, 2xVulpix, 2xNinetales, 2xLuxray, 2xPoochyena

Available right now: Shiny Sylveon, Braixen, Sylveon.

They are 5$ without ribbon and 6$ with a ribbon.

And I could do reprints of Typhlosion, Goomy line (10$ since it's bigger!), Caterpie, Butterfree, Bulbasaur, Ledyba, Charizard X, Charizard Y, Furfrou, Vaporeon, Politoed, Chandelure, Froslass, Lapras, Entei and Tyrantrum, if you need a better photo, just ask me!



Piplup and friends bag (Pachirisu, Aipom, Happiny and Bunneary)  (Bidoof pokedoll for size reference). I didn't open it :/ 7$


Rare Pokemon magnets. They arrived the full lot (I keep Politoed) and I didn't open them. You can also take a panflet with each one. You can see better PHOTOS HERE 5$ each:
Pichu-Pikachu, Chansey-Blissey, Marill-Azumarill,

SOLD: Togepi, Wooper, Igglybuff, Smoochum, Hoppip, Oddish

And you can combine anything with my main sales post...

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