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last call for XY dice GB! one more dice available! chupas are in & sticker sales!

hey guys! this is the last call for the XY dice GB! ;u; I don't want to hold up your guys' money for any longer, so if we don't get at least one more claim by tomorrow night, then i'll have to cancel the GB. each dice is $5.15 + fees + shipping from me to you. this $5.15 includes the dice and shipping via registered airmail. i am willing to cover the cost of one of the dice! i've seen a few of these dice up for sale and this $5.15 is a really good price~~ *u*

edit: the group buy is a go! I have contacted each of you via comment for payment 1!

the two dice we still need claimed are #2 and #9! edit: dice #2 has been claimed! dice #9 is still available!
Blue Die ft. Froakie: Froakie, Dedenne, Squirtle, Inkay, Vivillon, Garchomp
Green Die ft. Quilladin: Quilladin, Scatterbug, Yveltal, Spritzee, Marill, Snorlax

You can either claim them on this journal post or the original group buy post here! there are also more pictures there!

next, the XY chupas are in!! purple and red genesects are both still available and come with the candy and the pokeball! they will be $6 each + fees + shipping!

unfortunately, the pokeballs all came in one big box so some of them are a little scuffed, but it's nothing major. please let me know your zip code (US) or country for shipping! please keep in mind that shipping WILL be higher with the pokeball. if you don't want the pokeball, please let me know! also, irethsune, I still have not received your charge 1 payment! I will add it to your shipping charge.

classypersian irethsune allrealelements crasherwake creampuffoholic

domestic shipping should be around $3-5 and international will be $7-10 i think! *u* just let me know and i can give you guys personalized quotes!

fyi I had to unwrap all the balls to find out which pokemon was inside, because there are multiples of each ball design in the box. it was just a little bit of plastic wrap that i took off, not like a bag or anything!

lastly, i have some neat pokemon "reward seals" for sale under the cut! these are shiny stickers about the size of a quarter and feature XY and Unova pokemon! please keep in mind that due to their shininess, they're really hard to photograph!

-Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 5.21.11
-Paypal only, please!

-I ship from California, USA. I will ship internationally! Sticker-only purchases will be shipped in a non-machinable letter envelope WITHOUT tracking.
-Commitments take priority over quotes!
-Minimum purchase of $1, please!
-My feedback is located here and here.

Each sticker is $0.50 before shipping and fees! Sold stickers are crossed out!

Snivy x4
Tepig x4
Chespin x3 2 (Sold: Sitting chespin)
Piplup x2

Pansage x2
Scraggy x2
Munna x2
Oshawott x2
Pikachu x4 3 (waving one on far left sold)

Froakie x4
Helioptile x2

Zekrom x2 (Red and green)
Yvetal x2 (blue and gold)
Fletchling x2


Also, please come check out my regular sales! I have lots of plush and figures, as well as TCG and stickers that need a new home! please help fund my trip~~ i've added new items like a sylveon and eeveelutions metal movie tin and lots of gachapon straps! ALL OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED!
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