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a F!J 4 month build up package of gets, a graily grail, future sales & tales.

So I got hit by the Y!Japan & co bug....finally. Not good. Money gone. All gone. Make more money for stuff. Happy days.

No...honestly I wouldn't change these gets for the world..! I am so amazed at how much it's grown within just this box...! Only a gets update at the moment, I really need to buy shelves because my room is a mess in some places...proper collection update eventually I swear ;_;

First things first. My awesome awesome friend skydramon has made all this ever possible, without her I wouldn't have ever been able to get all this stuff! THANK YOU SO MUCH SKY I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH.  ;___; <3

Also some of these items will be gets from other sites & here as well...just the majority of it through a middleman =,D!

Latias & Latios - [Main Collection]

Pictured: Banpresto Chibi Latias & Latios Keychains, Clear Attack Latios Kid, Latias & Latios yellow based bottlecaps, Latios chupa, Poképark Latias & Latios boat strap, Electronic TOMY Latios action figure, Latios silver metal figure, Latias jakks marbel, Poképark Lati tin, Movie 5th Coin, Latios TOMY poseable attack figure.

Okay...wow just wow. Electronic, chibis, clear kid, bottlecaps and the TOMY action figure were on that good ol' list I had of huge wants, to think I'd take a chunk of them together. I was very surprised I got the chibi keychains at starting price...nobody went for them! The attack tomy Latios with the clear blue base popped up on Y!Japan on December 26th last year and I also won him for the starting price... I remember that day well since I recall it being a bit poopy then he shows up with hours to go! Electronic Latios however is a different story... I guess there's been lots more competition lately but managed to get him for an alrighty price, as expected <3! Clear latios was actually in a lot full of other kids (that I'm selling) but then I find one a few months later on his own...typical =,D! Now if I can find the clear attack latias kid I'd have a 100% kid collection of latis! <3

Pictured: Movie Lati clearfile, Pokémon with you clearfile, Movie Lati colouring book, Movie Lati bookmarks, Pokémon with you sticker, Movie Latios strap, Pokepark Latias & Latios keyholder!

Movie items with you~! Okay maybe not but I remember when the items with Lati's came out under "Pokémon with you" ...I didn't have great finding skills I guess because I have absolute 0 things of them...until now! I'd love the mug/cloth or basically anything of this pattern, it's so purdy ;;! Able to find the awesome strap in a lot with a Mudkip & Torchic strap. The colouring book basically has a few generic patterns but it's completely like new...paid a pretty price for it too! xD

PicturedLati Pokédoll sparkly stickers, Ruby & Sapphire pokedex book (featuring latis on the cover...it looked too awesome to pass up ;;), TCG Lati Box with CD/Cards/Booklet, Latias & Latios booklet, Mc donalds leaflet and Latias & Latios manga.

Found the Latias/Latios manga book in a lot with a few interesting things like chess pieces (most will be for sale)books/data carrier/playsets. Then days later after I BIN'd the lot the book appears on it's own (this seems to keep happening XD)...oh well I got a few neat things! <3 I've been wanting that TCG box for ages too...hnng I love it! ALSO SPARKLY LATI POKEDOLL STICKERS! YAY SOMETHING LATI POKEDOLL ;w;  I didn't know they sparkled until I saw them today!! (Clicky the pic for full view sparkles)

Pictured: Latias & Latios hankerchief, Latios TOMY bag, Latias TOMY bag, Lati pin, Pokémon Link strap featuring Latias & Latios, Data carrier base featuring Latios.

Excuse me for the bad pics but it's rainy here u.u (and it took ages going through all this stuff ;w;) but eeee cloths! Originally 5 Lati items that popped up ended roughly around the same time, two of these things were the pouches and hankie! So I thought "okay let's not be stupid and go for them all, which one(s) do you want the most?" so I decided to bid for the other Lati items baring in mind the chibi keychains were also ending roughly the same time...and I bid an insane amount for them since I wanted them so much. x3

Anyhoo the keychains ended hours early, I was just curious how much the other lati auctions would end for and watched them during work and Sky PM'd me and said I won the keychains for starting price and decided to bid on these lati items for me...! AAA thank you ;__; I couldn't believe my luck and it was so kind (and clever!) for her to bid for me ;w;!

Pictured: Pokémon blanket featuring Latias, Latios and Salamence!

This was probably my cheapest and most surprising find of Lati. I saw this go for something like 6k (poké of course ;3), I definitely wanted one as soon as I saw it because the colours match my room (plus 3 of my collections hng). I found another and won for something like 800 yen I couldn't believe it o.o; it's so strange how things can go so high and then cheap!

I'm TALKING WAY TOO MUCH but here are some flats I've aquired in the past few months & the beautiful Latias & Latios childrens book in the third picture. If you're interested clicky the pic for the big picture! But I will have better pictures when I finally get my BUTT in gear for my website! Thank you SO much to caffwin who messaged me about the Latias amada sticker I wanted and for selling me those beauties! <3

Lugia - [Main Collection]

Pictured: Lugia bookelts, Poképark Lugia postcard & tin, Lugia VS Ho-oh card binder, Lugia & Articuno/Moltres/Zapdos stamps, Lugia keychain, Old Lugia Bathtoy, Newest Lugia "HUG ME :D" Bathtoy, Gold Lugia metal figure, Lugia minicot,  Lugia playset figure, Lugia, Ho-oh & Skarmory post card, Wendy's Lugia flat, Lugia magic card and amada stickers.

Definitely getting better with obtaining a few more Lugia! The highlights for me here are the binder and old bathtoy...the binder is GLORIOUS and all my TCGs are going there. I think I now have all the Lugia bathtoys too! <3

Weavile - [Main Collection] - The graily grail *________*

Pictured: Poképark "DX" Weavile Pokédoll plush (only 500 made!), Weavile clearfile, Weavile postcard, Amada stickers, Pog, Ruler, Foam card, Various stickers, Clear Weavile Kid, Weavile stamp, "Rawr" Weavile keychain x 2, Weavile TOMY keychain, Weavile Megablok, Weavile silver coin, Weavile bathsalt figure, Notepad, flat keychain and VS card.

Since last Weavile gets I REALLY wanted to improve my Weavile collecting he's a joint favourite with Latios & Ninetales...and I improved it a lot more than I thought I would! FIRST GRAIL GRAIL GRAIL. I was searching years and missing him via BINs for years and I found him in 2014 on this very comm (all 3 of my grails that I have, have been on this community...that's saying something ;w;!)

To me, things get to my grail status if I've been on the hunt for it for a long time...a very long time and it's something I definitely want x3. I need to stop talking so much... he's one of the 500 here made though and he'll be staying here ;w;! Thank you so much chespin, again! <3

The postcard is the next thing...I was browsing though a few things not really searching for anything in paticular and I saw a postcard lot....I saw Weavile...and flipped. No generic pose, christmas, ack! *Bids 43287498375.00* well...if I had that money, I'm kidding but I did go a bit crazy! ^^;

Also HOW MANY CLEAR KIDS DOES WEAVILE EVEN HAVE?! This is my 3rd clear found of him...I doubt the movie one's have clears so...maybe one more? ;w;! Also two rawr keychains because as soon as I bid on the chainless weavile lot...a mint one shows up in a different lot... =,D

Skydramon surprised me and won a lot, it had the keychain at the back featuring Weavile and she just gifted it to me ;__; thank you so much I can't repay you enough <333

Ninetales - [Main Collection]

Pictured: Chibi-Ninetales CUSTOM plush (shiny version) and CUSTOM fuzzy Ninetales plush, CUSTOM keychain/charm and tales earrings. Everything else is official; bottlecaps, amada stickers, VS Shiftry card, bromide, lenticulars, VS Pikachu, staks, Meiji card, "ray" version TOPPS, clear green mini model.

Usually I don't buy customs or at least plush customs much, I like scupltures and such but someone PM'd me on tumblr saying they had Ninetales customs & some official merch they wanted to sell to me...! Knowing that Ninetales is usually slow and how kind the person was PM'ing me I asked for some pictures...FELL FOR THEM SO MUCH and here they are! But seriously I need an official Ninetales plush please, even an MPC...ANYTHING!? Lots of people want one ;w;!

Woo-hoo for another mini model I don't have! I NOW HAVE 2 clear pink Ninetales mini models...which are up for trades for any other Ninetales mini model I don't have! Looking to help a fellow 'tale collector out <3

Main flats would definitely be the long-much-wanted posed Ninetales amada sticker. HNG I want to collect all her amada stickers and this has just sparkled it all! The VS card was also a big want and I was able to get them with enoughs snooping around <3

Side Collections

Absol - [Side Collection]

Pictured: Mega Absol Pokécenter plush, I <3 gothic Absol plush, Movie 6th Coin, Absol keychain (no chain), Absol Minicot, Absol playset figure, Absol amada stickers, Movie Absol & Jirachi keychain, Movie Millenium Crystal.

Starting with side collections I'll focus on one who blessed me a few nice additions! My Absol gets within half a year are usually 2 or 3 figures and flats, I'd love for him to be a main but I have too many expensive collections to begin but I will pick things up and now that Mega Absol is around...maybe it'll be easier or harder? Not sure but time will tell <3 I forgot to add the bromide Absol & Lucario and normal bromide but it's fiiine. I was able to get some the movie merch by splitting a lot with skydramon. Perfectly enough, there was an awesome lot of Absols & Lucarios So of course we made a quick split and woop if she didn't see them I wouldn't have been able to add these beauties into the absol collection <3 ;;

Close up of figures...and I just noticed that the keychain figure looks like he's saying "RAWR" as well.... a RAWR Weavile and a RAWR Absol keychain...how cool! **

Leafeon & Jolteon - [Side Collections]

Pictured: Leafeon & Jolteon Playing card plush, Amadas, Megabloks, Jolteon clear green and clear red mini models, Meiji Jolteon card, Leafeon/Glaceon pouch, Clear white Jolteon figure (?) (looks like the figure in the Jolteon bouncy ball but not painted. Found in a lot)

The eeveelu's have started to slow down a bit and I'm only grabbing a few things here and there but I'm happy with these gets! Especially happy to have the megabloks together! ^^ Surprisingly Meiji card in a flat lot! So shiny, he was there with Ninetales *w*.

Salamence/ Lopunny / Mismagius / Zangoose / Miltank / Skarmory - [Side Collections]

Pictured: Salamence bottlecap, Buneary & Lopunny bell charms, Clear Mismagius kid figure, Mismagius dice.

BELL CHARMS ARE THE CUTEST THING AND I WISH THERE WAS ONE OF MY MAINS BUT THIS WILL DO. They jingle....I never knew they existed until I was messaged about it ;w;! Aaaa super cute and BIN'd!

Babu dragon doesn't have much of an update but I have been getting a few things lately, so he might be in my next update! CLEAR MISMAGIUS! I remember losing to one a few months back on Y!Japan I was so sad...then she appeared again and I was ready <3! She went cheaper too than last time and sparkly dice is always nice considering the Mismagius I collect loves everything that SHINES <3

And various flats all over for the other collections!

Fennekin Line - Side Collection

Pictured: Pokemon Center Delphox & Braixen 2014 plush, Petite Fennekin plush, Fennekin juice can, Fennekin charm line, bromide feautring braixen and fennekin, silver fennekin coin, gold metal figure fennekin and TOYOPET fennekin blanket.

Okay so get's have been a little slower for the fennekin line but there's a few things I'm really after but can't seem to find of her's just now =,D (anyone remember those in-bottle clear & non clear figures, I'm pretty sure they're out now? I saw them on Y!Japan a while back but other than that I can't seem to find them)

ANYWAY I found the TOYOPET blanket on a random search, I think it's design for your...pets? Cats? Dogs? Sorry my fat cat you can't sit on this one! x3 But I instantly loved it when I saw it, it features Pikachu, Froakie and Chespin too, I'll grab a better picture of it one day when it's not bad for photos!


Future Sales

So that's it for the gets! I began to grow super lazy but have a sneak peak of future sales/auctions...I just need to work out postage for international first, get some scales and start selling things in parts (probably flats first until I get used to it) and also PM the people some people I promised to look out for in terms of the lots I bought, I have not forgotten about you! <3

Questions for the UK people regarding postage...do you buy your labels online or do you just go to the post office? I'm worried that I'll quote people the wrong shipping charge and it'll be more/less when I get to the post office, how do you determine how much a package is? Probably a newbie question but we all have to start somewhere... right? I think it's just the scales that scare me I'm terrible at maths =,D

THIRD PICTURE BASICALLY SELLING ALL THAT PRETTY MUCH AND MORE (lazy...), ;w;  I noticed lots of Jirachi and Groudon in the lots, some things are used so I'm going to organise it when I have the time (probably on my 4-off days) Until then!


Thought I'd end with an overall picture of just my F!J gets within the past 4/5 ish months! :3

TOP 5 WANTS - (Not including grails)

+ DX Latias & Latios TOMY figures
+ Latios & Latias sparkly Movie 6 Cup
+ Weavile Movie 8 Pen or Pencil (either one!)
+ Ninetales Papercraft* (image belongs to whitewolflarka)
+ Latias "arms-out" banpresto smiling plush


Thanks for reading or just looking at the pretty pictures! (I now need a dr pepper after all this typing)  =D
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