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You can't handle the flipz!!! Flipz sales! Gen 1 and 3! +Topps BOGO! +Carddass GB Reminder!!

Hi guys! :D So, I bought 65 flips...why? Because I noticed that one of them seemed to be a water type card and the first two letters were "Mi"....hmmm...

photo5 (1)

Yep! Sure enough there was a Milotic flipz among them!! So happy I could finally have this! The pictures are so vivid when you get in the right spot! :O I definitely don't need 60 extra flipz so I'm selling the rest! ^ -^ Here we go! :D

-Feedback can be found here:
-I was given sales permission on 3/23/2014 by allinia
-All prices are in USD and do not include shipping/fees!
-I accept Paypal only :)
-I ship from Washington and am not yet comfortable with shipping internationally :(
-Please allow me 2-3 weeks to ship, I have a lot of after school activities and will only be able to reach the post office on weekends and some Fridays!
-I'm not responsible for any damaged/lost items once they are in the hands of the post office!
-Those who commit to an item first have priority over it, asking for a quote is not committing. Terminology such as: "I will take", "I will have", and "Committing to" are the only terms I'll accept as committing. Otherwise I will read it as an inquiry and someone else may get priority over you. This is to avoid confusion and make things easier for everyone!
-Once you've committed to an item please pay within 48 hours, if I have not received payment after this time period please contact me or the item will be put back up for sale!
-Reasonable haggling is a-okay!
-Items come from a smoke free home!
-I have two dogs. If you have allergies and are interested in an item I will do my best to clean it up!
-I will do holds for 48 hours if you are absolutely committed :)
-I will let you know when your item is shipped! Please let me know when you receive! This is also when I will leave feedback :) (Unless you're in need of feedback in which case I will do so after payment is received)
-If you have read all these policies, please put the word "rabbit" somewhere in your comment! Failure to do so may result in someone getting an item over you! Thank you for understanding! :)

All of the flipz from what I see are nearly flawless (some have very small marks upon close inspection - please ask if you'd like me to check a condition of one!)! I expected them to have some kind of markings but nope! Only one of them (Gengar) has damage!
First we have Gen 1 Flipz!
photo3 (2)
photo2 (2)
photo1 (2)
photo4 (3)
All in the first three rows: $.50 each
Last row: $1.50 each (Except Gengar - free with purchase)
-The Marowak is from a different series than the one above it, it's the "Series One" version, the onw above it is the "Premier Edition", which are actually more common funnily enough
-Gastly/Haunter/Gengar is free with purchase due to really bad scratches :( It's also a "Series One" version

photo6 (1)
Pokemon 3rd movie flipz - feat. Pikachu/Pichu bros/Pokeball logo/and Unown! $1

All in the picture are $.75 each (Except for Linoones and Plusle/Minun - $.50)

Some of these just didn't wanna photograph XD All in this picture are $1.50 each ^ -^

ALSO, because of the Ruby/Sapphire news I decided to do a special buy one/get one free on my Advanced Gen Topps! Check em out!

Holo Topps: $1.50
Cutout Topps: $1.25 each - Sceptile is free with purchase due to slight corner damage

Each one pictured is $1 each! ^ -^

Finally, check out my XY Carddass Group Buy! We only need five more claims! Each claim is only $2.87. There's Helioptile, Froakie, Flethcling, Talonflame, and Yveltal!

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