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GRAILLLL HAS ARRIVED!! + some gets ^^


check under the cut ^0^


EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! It has arrived!! my Jolteon bell plush!! I've been searching for this cutie for many years *before I joined the comm* and when baconscreation posted a huge auction with bell plush I naturally freaked out when I saw it XD of course there was some stiff competition as is with all eeveelutions *esp Sylveon* but in the end I won my lovely Jolty and he is finally home at long last ;3 I had hosted another bell plush GA earlier and claimed Vaporeon and Eevee. Now I am seeking a Flareon bell to complete my Vee bell set so if anyone has one they are thinking of parting with feel free to msg me ;3

also bought the cute Pidgeotto bell since I have a pidgey to go with it. Wish they had made a Pidgeot to complete the line XP
also a pic of all my bell plush ^0^ not planning on collecting them all, really only want Flareon and maybe Dragonair ;3

IMG_1540 IMG_1547

also I got some exciting things from the comm and ebay ^^ first off I got my package from myntii ^^ won the Sylveon mug/plate set from their auctions as well as the large towel ;) also bought from them the cute pair of Sylveon socks :D Thanks so much! I love them all!! <3


on ebay I found a seller in Japan that had the Sylveon & Vees shirt I was bid warring on the comm earlier for super cheap so of course I BIN'd it ;D *arrived super fast in a couple days :D*they were so sweet and included the VS battle Sylveon card for free! I had bought some packs from them earlier but no luck pulling a Sylveon >< I will be selling my extras soon so keep an eye out :3


and finally got the awesome X & Y Zard badges from denkimouse :D I love them both esp X :D

I will have a massive sales/auction post soon which will include a bunch of Sylveon items, Eeveelutions and other pokes so stay tuned for that ;3

Cheers & thanks!!!
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