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Beloved Gets!

Hey guys.  So about a month ago I ordered some stuff from sunyshore and it finally arrived a couple days ago.  I had so much fun opening it all and now I want to share it will you guys!

I am so excited to finally get this guy.  He has been on my list since he came out.  I've named him Zeus [for obvious reasons].  I love his hair sooooo much and I cant believe hes that soft.  I love my amphys!
Here's another angle of his beautiful face.

This guy is soooo cute.  Ive never been super into the petit line, but when they came out with Ampharos I had to get him.  I am so happy with him.  He goes along perfectly with all my Time stuff.
I am so happy I splurged and got this DX Dedenne Pokedoll.  He is much cuter than my Banpresto that I have already and his ears are just so adorabley floppy.  So cute and worth it.

I wasn't sure about geting Lapras, but I decided to go for it anyway.  To be honest not my favourite plush of Lapras, but still pretty cute and very very soft.  I'm still not sure whether I want to collect Lapras or not, but I will always love Lapras.
Look how cute they look together! hnnnnnng so cute!  I love my amphys so much.  Thanks for looking and have a good day!
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