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Is my penguin pal a bootie, or legit? Also quick sale.

Hello lovely peeps. :D

So I've been pretty dang busy, with finals and such, so I've been posting very little, even though I have been commenting here and there!
Also a little shout out topuckyducky sorry I haven't had time to catch you a Scatterbug lately, but I have NOT forgot about you. ^_^
Also kittay752
I will be sending you a message as well. <

Ok, so here's the dealio, I got this lovely little 'lup as a gift from one of my very dearest friends. She actually found it at her local Goodwill and even though I will DEFINITELY love him as much if it turns out that he is a bootie, but we were just both super curious. The reason why I am so curious is because I haven't seen the red tag Piplup pokedoll more than once in my research, and it appeared to be a seller from Malaysia, which seemed a little sketchy. It also says he's from 2006. Not sure if that is a legit release time. >_<

I really hope a pokedoll expert here from the comm can identify his legitness from the pictures provided. ^_^
-He has been heavily loved- <3






Sales Permission granted on 3/24/14by byallinia.
-ALL Pkmncollectors rules apply!
-Feel free to ask for a quote without committing, but commiting takes priority over asking for a quote!
-Must pay within 48 hours - unless we're made a special agreement.
-Minimum of 3$ purchase.
-Shipping starts at 3.80$ for domestic purchases - even for flats, as I will include tracking (and for flats toploaders / sleeves)
-Shipping for International purchases starts at $6.50 - Sorry, but the USPS has upped their prices. :(
-Prices do not include shipping and pp fees.
-I send packages out once a week, more if I have time.
-I do combine shipping, and I DO offer discounts on certain bulk/multiple purchases! :) <3
-I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages once sent out! I will automatically send with first class and tracking to the US, but feel free to ask for priority and/or insurance for an additional fee.
-I do accept haggling on most items, but please do not be discouraged if I pass on an offer!

Quick Fennekin lot sale. :D
A little under $25 value for only $15 SHIPPED with tracking to the US, and $20 shipped anywhere in the world.

-NEW Sealed Charizard Mega Battle Fennekin promo
-Mint English Fennekin promo
-Common Fennekin X and Y Base set Fennekin card
-Fennekin pin
-Fennekin figure


For other sales click here:

On another note, I have a birthday coming up on the 19th. Any other May-babies here? ;D
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