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Offers and Pokedoll Party GB payment 2 Reminders!

Just a friendly reminder about my offers here:


Pokedoll Party GB payment 2 still needed from them following:
daughterjudy - Jolteon (2007, New York): $2.69 PAID
shiny_zekrom - Flareon (2007, New York), Eevee (2007, New York), and items from Growly GA:
*** Your items have to be shipped in a box as I do not have any bubble mailers big enough. Standard will be: $10.60 or priority would be: $12.55 please indicate your choice in the note.
dragonrider49 - Ho-Oh (2005, New York): $10.12 PAID
allrealelements - Latios (2005, Japan), Latias (2005, Japan): $3.24 PAID
prawnographer - Eevee cinch bag (and oddish strap from growly GA): $10.12 PAID

Your items will be shipped by the end of tomorrow if I receive payment before I head to the PO.

Please send to desiree(@)47alpha(.)com and use this template:
Subject: Group Buy
Note: USERNAME - Pokedoll Party GB - Payment 2
if your previous payment had the incorrect shipping address please choose the correct address for this payment (and put in the note that this one is preferred) OR type the correct address into the note. Thankies!

Tags: group buy, offers
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