Hebi/Lea (hebilea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Two reminders! + Drawings and Candy Trade?

Hello there guys!
First thing I wanted to remind was my two settei auctions!

I have a Vulpix and this group settei up for auction, and they are ending a little over 24 hours! I also have a few more setteis up for sale, so go HERE if you are interested!

Second reminder:

I am taking pre orders on these metal figures still!!! There is a lack of Mega Venusaur, Blastoise and Mewtwo claims, but if more people are willing to claim them, I will buy more sets and therefore you will be able to get the ones you are after! So far I have bought 10 sets!
Please go HERE to go to the claims list!

Lastly (if this is not allowed, please do not hesitate to tell me), is here anybody that would be interested in drawings and candy trade?

Drawings, as simple as it says, we give each other a list of Pokemon we like and do a drawing on whatever number!
I tend to buy a bunch of candies for friends and I realized I have bought waaaay too much! So I thought maybe somebody would be interested in some candies from my country? I live in Slovakia, and our (+ a big portion of them Czech) candy is what we are very proud about (we have biscuit candy, gummies, cat tongues chocolate and tons of other things!)! If you are outside Europe, I am very willing to buy also some others like Kinder chocolate, Milka, Haribo and others, but the ones I have at home are priority of course!
What I am looking for is mainly something that is not available over here, or some candy that is typical/unique for your area you live in (for example maple syrup candy that I once got from Canada, or green tea Kitkat from Japan, those were delicious!)!
For me, I don't like anything with caramel on it! No things like Twizzlers, Hi-chew, Skittles, Oreo, Air Balloon, M&m's, Haribo and such, as those are well known and they are available over here! Give me a list of what you do not like, or if you are allergic to! A bunch of my candies include nuts for example.

Let me know please and thank you for reading <3
Tags: aerodactyl, arbok, auction, blastoise, blaziken, charizard, dedenne, ekans, lapras, mewtwo, pancham, sales, venusaur, vulpix
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