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New Members + Want List!

Hi, everybody! This account belongs to both my wife and I. We've been fans of Pokemon since the beginning. Our collection dwindled after becoming adults, but now we wish to begin collecting again!

Our collection ranges from the video games, old plushies and figures, board games, and tons of trading cards. I don't think at this moment it's worth setting up and posting pictures, so another time! We do have the Mini Sitting Eevee + Eeveelutions, the Pokemon Center Mega Charizard, and the Entei/Raikou Pokedolls coming.

We are however looking for anything that catches our eyes. Here's a small list of some of the things we are looking for:

Blissey DX Plush
Legendary Beast Takara Tomy Plushies
Suicune Pokedoll
Tomy Charizard Doll
McDonalds Larvitar Plush
Flareon "I Love Eevee" DX Plush
***Any and all Pokemon Trading Figures***

I'm currently making some post in my LiveJournal to have the entire list, but I think these are okay to start with. If you have any just let us know! We live in Canada so we looking for items without breaking the bank too much with the shipping.

We also collect video games, manga, anime, and steel-books (for blu-rays + video games).

Thank you for letting us join the community!  :D

***We are new to this so if we get any of the brands or information wrong, sorry in advance!***
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