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Super multipurpose post! Custom gets, quick rare eeveelution GA payment 3, and Sales!

Hi guys :) So I am FINALLY a full fledged adult. I finally got my own car! Annnd I will be making all the payments on an adult. Therefore I come to you with some sales today :D

.........was my original intro! But I just got TWO  huge boxes in the mail! :O

First box! Quick rare eeveelution GA is in!

aut1996 chaos_21 heyleighpaws knienke tdotakichan pocketmonstrmeg raichu_love raikourai selwylde


Everyone arrived wall packed and minty fresh! Everyone came with hang tags except the custom and my walky eevee (can anyone tell if this is the small or large one? @@)

Shipping totals are here:

aut1996, chaos_21, knienke, tdotakichan, and selwylde I have your shipping quote for them shipped in a box. If you would like to get it changed to a bubble mailer let me know (for international I dont think the difference would change much or if all)

heyleighpaws pocketmonstrmeg raikourai raichu_love by default I will ship your items in a bubble mailer with the boxes flattened. If you would like me to NOT flatten the box let me know if you would like it in a bubble mailer still or in a box and I will adjust your shipping total.

Please send payment to with your username and Quick raire eeveelutions GA payment 3 somewhere please :)

Second box! My Sylveon custom from shuuichi_chan *_*

My Sylveon with fully poseable ribbons hehehe ^^ She's so big and cuddly and soft and i love her sooooooo much I can't even put it into words *_* Thanks so much shuuichi_chan! ^^
Since she's so big (taller than the Sylveon/eevee lotto plush anyways) and doesn't fit on my desk she's now gets to be on my headboard with my other oversized plush ^^

And lastly I have what I originally intended to post:

General Info:
-Granted sales permission by allinia on 3/24/14
-I ship from Virginia, USA
-My shipping days will primarily be Thursday and Friday
-I have a dog
-My feedback is here and here
-All general pkmncollectors rules apply

-I accept PayPal only
-All prices are in USD and do not include shipping and paypal fees
-Please send payment within 24 hours. If you need more time let me know, otherwise items will go to the next person.
-By default I will ship first class using USPS with no tracking or insurance. Please specify if you would like these services.
-I will protect items as best as I can but once the item has left my hands I cannot be held accountable for how the post office handles the items

-Asking for a quote is NOT committing.
-I will hold as long as you are 100% committed up to 72 hours.
-I will accept trades/partial trades for items on my wants list found here

I <3 Eevee Jolteon Trump MWT $20
I <3 Eevee Jolteon Keychain MWT $15
I <3 Eevee Vaporeon Trump MWT $25
I <3 Eevee Vaporeon Keychain MWT $18

Jakks Jirachi (tush tag only) $8
JakksTogekiss (tush tag only) $10 hold for zorafinn
Hasbro Pichu (tush tag only) $10
Hasbro? Azurill (no tags) $8
Hasbro Plusle (no tags) $8
Hasbro Minun (no tags)$8 (or take both for $15)

Mudkip UFO (Tush tag only, has string) $20
TOMY Chimchar (Tush tag only) $6
Banpresto Torchic UFO (Tush tag only, has string, loved) $3

Glaceon Kyun Chara MIB $16

Vaporen Kid $5
Jolteon TOMY $2
Leafeon Ippai $7
Jigglypuff eraser $1
Jirachi Rumble U $5
Click here for closeups on Jolteon and Jigglypuff

Dialga movie zukan $3 (has residue around feet)
Zekrom Zukan (no base) $3
Zekrom sukui doll $2

Combusken $1
Chimchar Sukui doll $2
Charmander TOMY $1 (see additional view)
Charmeleon TOMY $1 (see additional view)
Cyndaquil TOMY $1 (see additional view)
Munchlax jakks? x2 $1
Tiny munchlax $1
Squirtle $1
Wartortle (missing tail :( ) $0.50
Additional views here

Burger King mew $2
Chimchar TFG $2
Pikachu TFG $2

Munchlax bottlecap figure $3
Keldeo tretta $2
Clear Keldeo strap $3

Pancham TOMY minty (took out of packaging and then put it into plastic baggie) $5

Kids-mostly in good condition, i will try my best to point out flaws (please inquire about condition if you are concerned)
Typhlosion $3
Rest are $2
$2 each
Chikorita $1
$2 each
Clear cubone and weepinbell $4 each
Rest are $3 each
$3 each (zangoose on the right has a smudge on its ear)
$3 each
Plusle $1 (has marks you can see here and here)
Gone: Tropius

Freebies (with purchase, take as many as you want)
Pikachu, Monferno, Chimchar racer, McD pikachu snivy tepig, broken leafe turtwig, sticker sheet, baltoy pan sticker, airplane, psychic type thing, fire/flying type thing, fightint type thing
Tags: azurill, chimchar, custom, gets, glaceon, group auction, jirachi, jolteon, kids, minun, mudkip, pichu, plusle, sales, sylveon, togekiss, torchic, vaporeon
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