psrayat (psrayat) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mewtwo TCG Wants

I know there aren't many Pokemon TCG collectors in this community... but I'll post this full of hope!

I've got a growing Mewtwo TCG Collection (images soon to come) which I'd be really pleased to finally complete, however I'm missing some vital cards and was hoping some fellow PKMNCollectors could help me fill the voids.

The following 4 are my priority wants:

Mewtwo Gold Star EX Holon Phantoms 103-110Striking Back Mewtwo 10th Movie PromoShining Mewtwo Neo Destiny 109-105Mewtwo Legends Awakened 11-146

From left to right:
Mewtwo Gold Star - [EX Holon Phantoms 103/110]
Striking Back Mewtwo - [Japanese 10th Movie Promo]
Shining Mewtwo - [Neo Destiny 109/105]
Mewtwo - [Legends Awakened 11/146]

I'm also interested in (literally) any other Mewtwo TCG cards. Please comment if you have any for sale.
Here's my mandatory wants plug - Please click here for my permanent wants post.

Thank you so much for reading!
Tags: cards, mewtwo, tcg, wanted, wants
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