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Multipurpose Post! Wants, Carddass GB cancelled, Potential GA, etc.

Hi guys! I have a multipost today ^ -^ I really need to get around to making a collection update post
@ -@ I've gotten so many things...but now it's time to (hopefully) get more things! :D I have a few wants~! <3

SHIFTRY GOODS. Only flats though please! He's going to be a mini-collection because I have a female Shiftry in my Ruby Nuzlocke who survived the whole run~! (Though she hit 1 HP a couple times...I was so scared @ n@) I just fell in love with the forest goblin~ And latias_latios_7 encourage it XD
All I have is a flipz on the way so any flats are welcome! :D

Now for my main collects:

Pencil Topper:
Fun Tab:
This thing! :D Comes with a couple of flats and a pin~
These Amadas!
ANY of these flats!
And as always this tin...

Christmas Clearfile
Plastic Coloring Book
chocolate wafer seal

Also for the ones who claimed things in the XY Carddass GB, it was cancelled - someone else bought the lot! :((( I'll be checking back to the seller every now and then and hope they get another set @ -@

I found this wonderful lot of kids that includes a clear Milotic!! I'm looking for a GA Cohost who could be the runner! I would handle the spreadsheet/threads! ^ -^ Please check it out, there are a bunch of wonderful kids!! :D The seller says they are in used condition though, so I also need to know if people would still bid on them! :(


Also, my design a teapot contest is still going! It'll keep going until I finish my current project (around Wednesday/Thursday)~ Here's the link to it! All the entries so far have been wonderful! :D I wanna see more teapots! ^ -^

Finally, sales plug! I still have plenty of things to get rid of! Flipz, Advanced Gen Topps (which I am having a Buy One Get One Free deal on! :D), plush, and other misc things! Follow the links! :D
Everything else:
I really need a master sales post XD

Alright! That ends this post! Thanks for checking it out~ I leave you with this amazing Game of Thrones/Pokemon crossover pic!
Tags: group auction, sales, wants
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