classypersian (classypersian) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Game footage!!+ question

Hi all it seems like I have posted quite a lot since I joined and I apologize, I just love speaking to you all ^^ I promise to make this my last post for the month first the good stuff!!

The graphics look like x and y so that's awesome!! I loved this as a 5th grader and I know I will as a young adult <3
Anybody have any hopes of future merch like pokedoll remakes? I could defiantly go for a torchic minky pokedoll and some mudkipz merch!! Oh and the villain teams, team aqua and magma!! Team rocket is my #1 but Aqua is awesome bc the outfits are cool and comfortable looking~
I got this banpresto Halloween chu  cutie from my home girl and love it!! I noticed the back stripes have like a leatherish material and it threw me off bc I've never seen a plush like this before, is this how the plush and perhaps others are made? Thanks guys ^^ I promise to back off from posting, I didn't realize I have been doing so quite a bit 0-0 of course I will still comment on entries :D
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