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Daisuki Club DX Arceus Pokedoll Sale

Hey guys,

So along with the 1:1 Dittochu plush (that I've reduced to a more ideal starting price), I am also putting up for sale an extremely rare Pokemon Daisuki Club DX Arceus Pokedoll!

Sales permission given by entirelycliched on April 2013
Feedbacks: New and Old.
Shipping is from Australia, and can be expensive for overseas shipping!

Click to view enlarged images.

Pokemon Daisuki Club DX Arceus Pokedoll (MWT) - $650 OBO

Info (taken from denkimouse's 2010 auction here):
- Only 200 of these were ever made!
- Could only be won in the Daisuki Club Raffle.
- No rips, stains, or tears. Plush is in mint condition with all tags!

Pokemon Center 1:1 Life Sized Dittochu Plush (MWT) - $400 OBO

I did not overestimate these prices this time. But if you think that they are still too high, by all means, shoot me your best offer. Priority will be given to any who is willing to pay full price though.
Payment plans are welcome, and once arranged, first payment is required immediately!

Also, while I'm at it, I'll link to my recent sales post while I'm at it. Click the image below to be transported :)
Sale Preview 1

Happy shopping!
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